Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Still working on that cross and the surprise doily

Still test tatting along on this cross.
When finished this will count as a challenge piece, 
because it has challenged me to pay more attention(let me say,
I have several errors all of my doing).
Next, is the surprise doily which will be a Christmas present for my in-laws.
Still plenty to tat on it yet.  :)
And..some of my Starflowers turned into earrings and a good friend has asked for them.  :)
Have a wonderful night/day, and happy tatting!!  :)


Bernice said...

Just a few days away from your blog and I have missed so much. Great tatting, your friend will love them. Lovely little test tatting and your dimpled rings so much better than I could do, its a technique I still need to try.
Happy Tatting!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I suppose it's because I'm in doily mode, but the doily is my favorite! Of course, it helps that it's blue! ;-)

God's Kid said...

Thank you both very much!! :)
Bernice, I am still learning and working on those dimpled rings!! Thank you so much for your encouragement!! :)
Diane, I knew you would love the blues!! :) As soon as I finish this surprise doily, I have another already lined up-pattern, threads and all.