Friday, June 21, 2019

Twin Rainbow Taffy Doilies Done --- This could be the last post for awhile

Please forgive the bad quality photo, but I had to 
get this done early because we have a granddaughter 
invasion this afternoon and a house that needs a 
lot of cleaning amidst the packing for moving.
Here are the twin doilies with all ends sewn in 
and they have been blocked.
They measure 20 inches across.
 Below is a picture of them in front of our loveseat.
Yep, they are large!!!  :) I will deliver them Sunday 
As for this being possibly the last post for awhile:
we have to be moved out by next weekend and 
still have no place to go.  We have been working 
on getting a manufactured home on land, but their 
process is taking forever!!!!  There is a possibility 
closing next week, but we still need somewhere to 
go, and a place for all our stuff.  I have been packing 
for what seems like forever, and am not anywhere 
near done(you sure do accumulate tons of stuff in 
33 years of marriage-and I have gotten rid of lots).
So....until the next post happy tatting and may you 
be blessed!!!!!!!!  :)

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Another suncatcher distraction(for peace of mind!!!)

Same thread as the last one, and the 
beads are the same, except the larger ones
which are the same kind just 6mm while 
the smaller outer ones are the 4mm.
I designed while tatting so it's an original,
for now anyway.  ;)
Have a tatting filled Saturday!!! :)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Suncatcher distraction!!

I tatted an Ice Drop suncatcher using Sue Hanson's 
I used Lizbeth size 40 Honey Drizzle thread and some 
of my new 4mm crackle beads.
I needed the distraction from the twin doilies due to 
making the same mistake a 2nd time and not noticing 
it until I was almost done with the next row of chains, 
so it was time to set it aside and not tat for a couple of 
days and then tat something else for a change of color 
and pace.
Well, I am back to working on twin doily which needs 
to be finished tatting.  I am doing my best to keep a 
closer watch on my work now.
Have a great week!!! :)