Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Red, white, & green wreath done!

Here is a picture of the complete wreath.
 Next is a close-up of the left side.
 Then a close-up of the right side.
 Now a close-up of the bottom.
 Last, a close-up of the bow(I am all covered in 
sparkly glitter-oh, the floor also).
Well, I have over 70 items tatted, or with tatting(the 
wreaths) for the Craft Show, and 50 some charm  
earrings.  I am still working on angels because I would 
like to have at least 10(I have 7). And I am hoping to 
have time to tat some of my dreamcatcher earrings-
we shall see.
Hope your day is blessed with tatting!!! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pattern for Princess Flower Ice Drop Suncatcher

Princess Flower Ice Drop Suncatcher by Sue(God's Kid)

I used size 40 Lizbeth thread for this.
Basic Ice Drop in size 40- Back Rings 6-6--6-6  rw
                                           Back Chains 8-8  rw
                                           Front Rings 8-8-8  rw
                                           Front Chains 12  rw (do not cut when done)

First Round for Princess Ice Drop: (12 beads on chain thread)
Chains 6-2  rw
Rings 4 j(to picots on Basic Ice Drop chains) 4  rw
Chains 3 ( bead ) 2-1  rw
Rings 3 j(to same picot as the last join) 3  rw
Chains 1-2 (bead) 3  rw
Rings 4 j(to the same picot as the last 2 joins) 4  rw
Chains 2-6 
(repeat all this to the finish, cut, tie, hide ends)

Round 2 for Fancy Princess Ice Drop: (36 beads on shuttle thread, 90 on chain thread)
Rings 2b 2b 2b 2 j to left picot in center of "petal" shapes, 2b2 j to right picot in center of "petal" shapes.
Chains 5 (3 beads) 5-5 (3 beads) 5 j(to left picot on top of "crown" of "petal" shapes), j(to right picot on top of "crown" of "petal" shapes), (3 beads over top of those joins), 5 (3 beads) 5-5 (3 beads) 5.
Cut, tie, hide ends.


For Princess Ice Drop Suncatcher-I used a bangle bracelet almost 3 inches across.
I had plenty of thread on my shuttle yet, so I unwound about 2 feet and used a crochet hook to pull the thread through the picots on the outer chains and then wrapped the thread once around the bracelet, and then pulled it through the next picot until I had them all "laced".  Then I snugged up the thread and then tied the tails and then tatted a zig-zag chain 3 first half stitch, then 3 second half stitch until I got it as long as I wanted it, and then I tatted a ring with the shuttle thread 15 stitches and hid the end.

Still working on the angels, but....

Lizbeth Scottish Thistle thread was calling me 
to make it into an Ice Drop Suncatcher.  I finally 
got more shuttles and wound the beads and thread 
and got busy.  I wasn't sure how it would look when 
finished, but I ended up with this Ice Drop which 
I am calling the Princess Flower Ice Drop(the colors 
and the "crowns" gave it that name).
 Below is the back in progress on the outer round.
 Below is the front in progress on the outer rounds.
 The outer round finished it's a fancy Ice Drop.
 Then strung into a bangle bracelet.
Below is the front in a window.
 And...the back in a window.
It's all ready for the craft show!
Have a wonderful day tatting!!! :)

Friday, August 31, 2018

A large disc completed

Tons of ideas to fancy these up, but 2 angels are 
begging to be completed, so...it's angel making 
time again.
Have a wonderful day, and I hope you get some 
tatting in!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Up since 4am and some tatting done..

These are the Confetti discs that I am tatting around 
for the wreath.  I am currently working on a large one 
for an ornament.
 Below are the two I have for the wreath.  These are 
the small discs.  I love the reflection feature!!
 I am currently deciding on how I want the items 
on the wreath, and then when I figure it out I will 
wire them to the wreath.  The ribbon in the center 
will be made into a bow.
 I had test tatted Robin's Wave Bookmark and showed 
it to my friends on facebook and it was promptly 
claimed, and then another friend also claimed it, so 
I had to tat a second.  It has a longer tassel than the 
first.  I also think it's tatted better-practice makes 
perfect.  ;)
Well, on to other things if my brain will let me.
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Accomplishing some(2nd post today)

Working on my red wreath(well...red,white & green),
I have white tatted snowflakes, and some cute 
Christmas decorative buttons, and red, silver & green 
jingle bells to go with my garland which you can see 
in the first picture.  I wanted a little more so I got out 
these red(&green also) cardboard discs which they 
call confetti(they are very large confetti).  I decided 
to use the smaller of the two sizes and tat around it 
for something different on this wreath.
I like it!!  Can't wait to get a green one done!!!
 Below is a size comparison.
Have a wonderful tat-filled night!! :)

Still tatting along.....

I finished test tatting another of Robin Perfetti's 
bookmarks.  This one is Fancy Bookmark.
Tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Boysenberry Dk.
I should have used smaller picots in the center 
joins, but it's noted for next time.
And....I changed the bow on the wreath
(and added another snowflake and snowman).
I personally think it works better.  I am 
saving the other bow and planning on 
doing a wreath(maybe not this year) with 
the darker blues.  ;)
Have a wonderful day!!! :)