Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tatting today in size 3

I have decided that using size 3 works great when doing 
a lot of chains in a row.  :)
This is size 3 Pretty as a Rainbow HDT from 

Here are some other size 3 multi-chain tattings I did
in 2013 as Christmas gifts.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Size 3 motif and 5 round size 40 doily....same size *******Correction*******size 80 doily

Can you believe this???
Oh man!!!!  My brain has been in a scramble
and when I got on my blog and saw size 40 on 
this I knew I messed up!!!
The doily is in size 80 Lizbeth threads!!!

Renulek's 2016 Spring Doily round 5 completed

Round 5 is complete.  Ends not sewn in yet. 
 Probably at the completion of the doily.
Again, this is tatted in size 80 Lizbeth Summer Fun and Snow White
Ok....Now to keep my mind occupied for the rest of
the night.
Have a fabulous tatting night!!  :)

Another round of the "hide & seek" doily completed

Ok....for as simple as this doily should be there are
a few structural challenges for me(mainly the clover rounds
which seem to be tight), but the biggest challenge is my
hubby.  He is a truck driver so he is usually gone a lot, but
his new job is not keeping him busy so money is low, but
that isn't my problem.....my problem is that he is home and
I can't get time to work on this doily with him here!!!
So.....since I knew he is out for at least 4 hours today
I finished this round which has taken far longer than 
it should have.  I believe there are 2 or 3 more rounds
to completion, and a ton of blocking!!!!
It's already over 15 inches across.
Next, I was playing this weekend with size 3 thread.
The pattern is Carnival from Mary Konior's Tatting with
Visual Patterns.  The thread is Pretty as a Rainbow HDT from CustomCottonEtc.
Here is a size comparison with a size 100
 Rainbow Bright HDT from Tatskool,Carnival motif, 
which was tatted years ago.
The smaller one has better color in this picture.
And this picture shows the colors in the larger one better.
I also started a spinning wheel glass mat, but I know there
is not enough thread to complete it so...It's just a very large
doodle.  :)  Maybe I will show the picture later.
Have a wonderful day and may tatting fill a space in it!!!  :)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Today's plans fell through, so....another round done!!

Straight from the shuttles and round 4 completed.  
The last join is a mess, but I will be ok with it(hoping it doesn't show).
Again, this is tatted in size 80 Lizbeth Summer Fun and Snow White.
It's about 4 1/2 inches across now.  :)
Have a fabulous weekend!!  :)
Hope you get some tatting time!!!  :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Got the next round done today....

I had to put something behind this because I figured 
that the scanner wouldn't show up the white well at all.
This round is tatted in size 80 Lizbeth Snow White.
Not sure how much tatting will be able to be achieved
this weekend, but as other weekends have proven me
wrong, I will just say...wait and see.
Hope you have a wonderful and tatting filled weekend!!!

Last purposely blurred project revealed!!

Ok, here it is(not in glory, but done).
This is Flowerpiece by Mary Konior in her book 
Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I have wanted to tat this for a 
long time, but couldn't decide exactly which colors I wanted
until I had my size 40 Lizbeth Coral Splash, and Salmon Med.  
I added Lime Green Med. as my "flower stems".
It was all ok until tatting the final round and then
it cupped and bunched badly, so I blocked it into
submission.  As you can tell, it needed a better job, 
but I tried! It's going to a friend who needs cheering up.
 And......I started Renulek's new 2016 Spring Doily in 
size 80 Lizbeth Summer Fun.
Have a wonderful day, and hopefully you will have tatting time!