Thursday, March 21, 2024

Getting some crafting time in here and there

I am working on lots of things when crafting 
lately.  I am working to get my Triangle Triangle 
Insert triangle at a time.
I thought at this point if it was green it would 
be a Christmas tree. ;)
Lizbeth size 40 Orange Crush and Pineapple 
Parfait. My own design.

And a motif at a time added to my tablecloth. The 
lower part is where I am currently working-only 3 
motifs needed on the left to finish this row. An 
antique motif and my design.

And, I started a Christmas present for our 100 yr. old. 
Hopefully it will be a beautiful collar when finished!

I was given the pattern for this January doily
from Frywolitki - Magic Shuttles on Facebook. 
 I made it for a friend who hasn't been 
feeling well for over a month. She loves it!!
I used Lizbeth size 40Leaf Green Dk., Leaf Swirl,
and Latte Foam.

I tatted Mary Konior's Small Cross for a senior 
lady.  Size 40 Lizbeth Angel's Love.

I had a senior ask me to make her a yellow rose with 
black background keychain in plastic canvas.  She 
loves it(she is from Texas). ;)
I have also made 2 more name signs, but not as 
fancy as the butterfly one.

I am learning micro-macrame and enjoying it, but 
not as much as tatting!!!  Lots of threads and no 
shuttles to "do the work". ;)
This is the first fancy bracelet I made.
This one is in 1mm waxed cord.
Tutorial from Zehn Talente here:

Yesterday I made my 2nd fancy micro-macrame 
bracelet.  This one is in 0.5mm waxed cord.
I only have 2 colors of cord in each size so this 
is what I ended up with.  Still a LONG way to 
go in my learning!!
Tutorial from DecoIdeas BETH here:

I hope you are all enjoying tatting and crafting 
time!!!  :)


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tatting and "new to me" Micro-macrame

I tatted a large Ice Drop and turned it into a 
suncatcher for me.
I love being able to see the glitter through the gem.
I tatted another Ice Drop still trying to empty shuttles.
And, another.  I now have 6 empty shuttles-Yay!!!  :D
Below is the first actual micro-macrame project I 
completed.  I used a 1mm cotton cord and found out 
it need to be a waxed cord which is much smaller, but 
I like it for a first.  ;)
And back to tatting, I am tatting a doily designed by 
Elzbieta Jurzysta.  I am hoping it will cheer a friend 
who hasn't been feeling well for about 2 months.
And below is where I am at on the doily now.
And, I am making little bits of progress on my 
Multi-Triangle Triangle.  It will be for the side of 
another shirt(similar to the pink one).  One triangle 
at a time.
And below is lesson 3 of my Micro-Macrame
learning and I completed a necklace today.
My "teacher" is  Andrea Rau.  Here is the 
link to her tutorial for this necklace:
Hope you are having a great day and getting 
some tatting, and maybe some other projects 
in!! :)


Saturday, February 3, 2024

Another Ice Drop done!

I love this one!!!  Nothing too fancy about it, but 
I love it!! :)
Size 40 Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus and Bright Blue Lt. 
with a light blue center gem.
I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday and tatting too!! :)


Friday, January 26, 2024

2 Ice Drops

 I haven't been tatting much and needed a bit of 
quick tatting to get inspired.  So, I tatted Ice Drops. 
The first center gem has a mirrored pearl look light 
blue color which looks fantastic with Lizbeth Arctic 
Blues in size 40.  No pattern, I just tatted.  ;)

The second has a mirrored clear green center gem 
which looks great with Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus 
in size 40.  Again, no pattern, just tatting.  This one 
wasn't finished until it was dark out so the picture 
does not do it justice, it's beautiful!! ;)
I hope you all have a wonderful tatting filled weekend. 
Tollway Tatters, I hope to see you online!! :)

Monday, January 15, 2024

Having problems commenting on blogs too.

 I did read all of the ones on my list, but could only comment on one.
Just want to say that everything looks great and I hope you all have a wonderful week!! :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Merry Christmas(late) and Happy New Year to you all!!

I am still here and still tatting.  Here are some 
items I had to get done before craft shows and 
This cross ended up at a craft show and was 
purchased very quickly, so next year I will 
have crosses at my craft shows.  ;)
This is My Portion Cross by Elaine P. Gan in 
Lizbeth size 40 Purple Iris Fusion.
My mother-in-law ordered this necklace 
for her apartment manager. Lizbeth size 40 
Arctic Waters.
My mother-in-law also ordered these earrings 
to give to my sister-in-law.  The pattern is 
Yarnplayer's Giddy earrings without the drop 
at the bottom.  My beads were too large a 
size 10mm, but they worked.  I had to stiffen
the lace a bit because it was ruffly. 
Lizbeth size 20 Lilac Dk.
I have a legally blind senior on Sunday 
nights who asked me to make her a bag 
she could wear around her neck to hold 
her lifeline device and her cell phone. 
I did a quick(not so great) job on this, but 
she loves it and is so thankful!!  It has 2 
pockets on each side(1 zippered, and 1 open). 
And I just finished another for another senior 
in a different print.
I am also doing plastic canvas "name tags" 
for seniors now.  I have shown my first, so 
here are the next 2 finished just before Christmas,
and I am already almost finished with another
(picture) to come later.

And, I made coasters for my Bible study group.
All you who sew, cover your eyes.  :)
I found these wonderful fabric squares and 
panels and such for quilting 
all of the ladies love them!! :)
And, these 3 wall hangings will be delivered 
today.  I have never made a wall hanging 
until now.  These are first attempts and ok, but 
not up to my perfectionistic standard(same 
with the coasters above).
Look closely and you will see Tat-a-Renda's 
I added Muskaan's flowers(this one is for our 99yr. old).
This one has hearts, but I don't have all the 
designers right now, I tatted them earlier in 
the year.
So, you see I have been a little busy.  ;)
I hope you all have a very happy and blessed 
New Year, and get lots of tatting and crafting in!! :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

A Large Pink Cross

I have a very dear sweet and special friend who loves 
pink and I just had to make her a pink cross. I love the color 
in this thread!!
I had to make it a very large cross because she is so special.
I can't wait to take it to her a week from Sunday!! :)
First picture just the cross,
second picture to show size on printer paper.

Tatted in size 10 Artiste thread from Hobby Lobby, 
color # HD0024.  I am not usually a fan of pink, 
but I really like this pink!
This is Mary Konior's Large Cross from 
Tatting with Visual Patterns.

I have tatted one pair of Christmas tree earrings 
for the craft show, started on another, but missed a 
join in the beginning so I set it aside.

I also have a bit of a new craft(to me)...plastic canvas.
Our Sunday night seniors live in an apartment building 
and they all have their names on plastic canvas outside 
their apartments.  Well, the ladies who used to make them 
have all moved on and a few new ladies don't have one, so 
I tried my hand at it and it looks pretty good for a beginner.
I covered most of the name for privacy.

I hope you are all having a good tatting filled week!! :)