Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tablecloth update

The skinny "tail" is gaining body!!  It's slow, but 
it's progress.  Ice Drops have filled in  for color 
needed in my life.
Besides this I have several other projects, and 
I need to work on my 25 Motif Challenge, and 
my personal challenge of filling the ornament 
stand.  It all seems overwhelming when you think 
about it all at once, so I have be avoiding that 
Happy tatting!!!  :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pattern for Purple Bingo Chip Ice Drop

The pictures are in the order that it's tatted.

Purple Razzle Dazzle Ice Drop

*****I used size 80 thread  & bingo type chips or laser disks(large sequins)

sm. p: small picot
Lp: large picot
RW: reverse work

First Ring:  8,  sm. p,   6,   Lp,   6,  sm. p,  8 RW
All chains in this round: 10

Following Rings:  8 join to previous ring, 6 join to large picot of previous ring, 6, sm. p, 8 RW
Last Ring: 8 join to previous ring, 6 join to large picot of previous ring, 6, join to first ring, 8.

First Ring: 5 p 5 p 5,
Second ring: 5 join to previous ring, 5, p, 5 RW
All chains in this round: 6, p, 3, p(I put 3 beads on chain thread and 1 on shuttle thread),
                                             3, p, 6, join to round 1 at base of ring,  RW
Continue tatting rings following the Second Ring directions.
Last Ring:  5 join to previous ring, 5, join to First Ring.

Please let me know how it works!  :)

Purple "Bingo" Chip Ice Drop

 I tatted the one with the Pink laser disk in the center 
and Diane requested the pattern, so today I got busy 
and re-tatted it to make corrections and then typed 
out the pattern and shared it.
It's tatted in size 80 Lizabeth Razzle Dazzle.
Hope you are having a wonderful and tatting filled day!!  :)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Another Ice Drop wann-be

This one is tatted with a tiny mirror in the center!!
 It's tatted in size 40 HDT which I purchased years 
ago.  I had special requested a color and this is 
what the person came up with, but it's not what 
I envisioned so I call it Hippie Summer.
 Here is a slightly closer view.
Have a fabulous day, and happy tatting!!!  :)

Heart of Tafiti Ice Drop

When our granddaughters were invading the last 
time, we watched the new Disney movie Moana.  
It's is now a favorite and I think we have seen it 
5 times and our daughter owns it!  
Well, the younger granddaughter took my original 
Ice Drop and ran around calling it the Heart of Tafiti 
and when she got home she lost it.  So.....
Grandma feeling like she needed a Heart of Tafiti, 
tatted one.  The one she had was blue so it wasn't  
true to the movie, but she loved it.  I can't wait to 
see her face when she receives this green one(which 
is the color of the one in the movie).  I plan on 
putting it on a lanyard hoping it won't be easily lost!
This first picture shows the true color: Yarnplayer's 
HDT Celery(my favorite green).
This next picture shows how I tried to make the 
spiral on the front. 
 The last picture shows the flower on the back.
This is a one of a kind.  I just tatted hoping to make 
it work.  It's a little large so the glass gem slides around 
inside the tatting a bit, but I am ok with that seeing how 
it will be in the hands of an 8 yr. old.
Happy tatting and have an awesome week!!!!  :)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Since my computer doesn't get turned on when it's Sunday.....

I decided to post this since I finished it!!
Another wanna-be Ice Drop.  
My own design.
Tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch.
With a yellow disk like a bingo chip and 
Have a wonderful night and tomorrow!!
Happy tatting!!  :)

Another sparkly laser disk Ice Drop

 I love these sparkly laser disks!!!  :)  I can't wait to 
see what more I can do!!
This one is tatted with size 80 Lizbeth Razzle Dazzle 
and small purple beads.
I started with the back, but I tatted the long chains, 
then when I tatted the front I tatted the small chains. 
I think next time I will try to tat the small chains 
as in Diane's original pattern and then the long ones 
hoping for a smoother look, but I still like it!!  :)
Have a wonderful weekend and happy tatting!!  :)