Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Sea Turtle

 It has taken about a month to figure out the pattern 

and complete this cute sea turtle.  I have a friend 

who loves sea turtles and I hope to make a few 

friends for this one and send them to her.
Pattern link here:
It's tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus.

Hope you are having a good week!!
Have a great tatting day!!  :)

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Real Shell Earrings for a young mermaid


Ok, I don't like this new blogger so far!
I tatted around these real shells for our younger granddaughter 
awhile ago, but finally made myself finish them.  They will 
go great with her mermaid outfit.  Since she and our daughter
(not her mom) are both mermaids, our daughter got them matching 
shell necklaces(not real shells).
About the knitting of the blanket.....I have added  many 
rows now, but it doesn't show.  Right now it looks like 
a large thick skirt.  ;)  But who knows, there is a chance 
it could be done by Christmas and I can use it through 
the winter then. ;)  We are waiting for some circular 
needles to come in that have a 5 ft. cable between which 
should make it easier to work with(I hope!!!).

Oh, I started 2 tatted Christmas gifts today.  May 
have to start using my Tatted Christmas Secrets blogger 
page again soon to share with you.  ;)  Shhhhhh.......
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and 
getting some tatting in!  ;)

Monday, August 31, 2020

Random Tatting Doily Done

Well, after the frustrations of cutting off 3 tries on 
the last round I decided to try and draw around the 
doily to see if I could come up with something that 
wouldn't have to be cut off.  It took a couple of tries, 
but throwing away paper or erasing lines is easier 
and less wasteful than cutting rounds even 3 inches 
long!  ;)
I drew this round and loved it!  Tatted it and decided 
this doily is done.  It's only 5 inches across in size 40 
and you can see by the regular sized clover shuttle that 
it's a small doily.  ;)
****For those interested, the stitch counts for this 
doily are all 4s.  My daughter says I should call it
"May the 4's be with you".  ;)
 Then Saturday night I went to bed, but woke back up 
at 1am and was up until 4am.  I sat and watched 
Christmas movies and then had an urge to tat something.
So, I found my HDT Confetti in size 20 and a Lizbeth 
Lilac Med. also in size 20(I have very little size 20).
I started to tat the center of the doily again.
 For those who wonder how much bigger the doily 
would be in size 20 below is a picture of the 20 
under the 40-not much difference.
Anyway, the doily is done for me.
I also knitted a 2nd dishcloth and now the 
yarn is done.
Have a fabulous week of tatting!!!! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Another round(not my favorite) and some knitting

Well, I started another round on the random tatting 
and I loved the look, the denseness and the way it 
held the arches, but it ruffled bad.  Then, I did another 
which looked good, but ruffled bad, and another the 
same thing.  I was so frustrated after cutting off 3 starts.
 I took a break and came back and ended up with this.
It's not my favorite, but it lays flat!  Wondering what 
will come next......
 My daughter had started a knitted blanket for me, but 
it has sat several years about 1/3 to 1/2 done so I 
decided I needed to learn so I can finish it.  After 
I worked knitting on the blanket(we need to add 
more yarn), I found the dishcloth our younger 
granddaughter had started.  She had about and inch 
done and I continued and below is the "finished" 
dishcloth(the bottom is her part, and all the mistakes 
above are mine!!  ;)  I think it's a good first!

And today I got on youtube to learn how to bind off 
to finish that one, then how to cast on to start another. 
I have this much done already.  I think I will try to 
get back on my blanket tonight.  ;) 
Hope you are having a wonderful tatting, or crafting 
filled Saturday!! :)

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Another round on the random tatted piece

I got another round on here.  This round came fairly 
easy to me, now to see what comes next.  ;)

***more done since this post first got posted, but
no one has commented so I am adding to it both the 
post and the doily-I guess that is what it's becoming.  ;)

Have a great day and hopefully some tatting too!! :)

Friday, August 21, 2020

I finally got some more tatting in this week!!

I ended up adding another row to the random tatting 
I was doing.  Not sure what if anything more will be 
added, but maybe.  ;)
 I didn't do any tatting for 2 days while we worked  
on putting together this shed(2 days of almost 7 hours, 
and yesterday another 3 hours).  but, we have gotten 
some things accomplished finally and it feels good.
I have some Christmas tatting ideas in mind, but.....
with those they are intended for not having jobs right 
now, I don't know when I can accomplish them!!  ;)
Have a wonderful tatting filled weekend!!! :)

Monday, August 17, 2020

Another cross and random tatting

This is another cross like the last 2.  This 
one is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Falling Leaves.
More crosses to come.
 I wanted to tat another cross, but there wasn't as much 
thread on the shuttle so I thought I would just sit and 
tat without knowing what would come of it.  I got this 
far before bedtime and my hubby and daughter really 
like it.  :)
Not sure yet, but I might add more.  ;)

Have a great week hopefully filled with love and tatting!!! :)