Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just an update on the 2014 Renulek's Spring Doily

I have a few repeats of the next to last round done, but haven't gotten very far yet.
 This next picture is my thumb with an oven rack imprint burned into it.  Sunday I was moving the oven racks up one and the potholder slipped and my thumb took all the heat.  Thankfully this is as bad as it has looked and it hasn't been hurting, but I haven't been using it(I am very pain intolerant-my term).  So....hopefully I will find some courage to pick up a shuttle and try to work soon(NO promises).  :)   Have a wonderful tatting day!!!  :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elaine's new book is up for sale now. :)

(11) Name: 'Other : Tatting eBook 4 (Crosses)

Another cross test tatted.

Love the look of this one.  Each cross is named.  This one is Hosanna.
Tatted in size 40 Yarnplayer's HDT Celery.
 Eternal Love.
 Holy Cross(has errors in it).
 Iron Cross.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Link to Elaine P. Gan's first 3 books for those interested.

I had a request for the link to Elaine's books.
As soon as the next book is available I will post it here for everyone.  :)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Test tatted cross(another).

Another cross design of Elaine P. Gan.  
I love this design, but it sure does trick my mind when needing to make joins(especially in the center).  :)
It's in size 40 Lizbeth Boysenberry.
My husband took our kitchen chairs to a woodworker to be re-glued(after over 20 years or use), and while there the three guys somehow got talking about tatting and doilies(yah, I said guys were talking about it).  The woodworker said he and his wife drive to Indiana looking for doilies and he wanted my information in case she might want me to tat some doilies for her.  WOW!!!  
Next time I think I will take the chairs myself and avoid extra work(ha ha ha).  :)
Hope your day has been blessed with tatting!!  :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Another test tatted cross

This is another test tat for Elaine P. Gan.  
This one is tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Purple Iris Fusion.
Hope you are having a tatfully wonderful day!!  :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another test tat done

This is another test tat for Elaine P. Gan.  There is a mistake of my own in there.  I added a couple of stitches and a picot by mistake and didn't notice till just about the end of the project.  Oh well....   :)
This one is tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Boysenberry Dk.
I love this design!!!

We have sunshine again and "warmer" temperatures, but they say cold will be returning next week.
Hope you are all having a tat-filled day!!  :)