Thursday, May 23, 2019

My thread finally made it!!!

I ordered this thread 3 days before I ordered the 4 
that came in earlier this week, but now they are all 
finally here.  This one is called Fancy Fruit and it's 
by AlenAleaDesign on Etsy.
Thank you so very, very much to all who prayed me 
through yesterday!!!!!  It turned out that the teen I 
did the funeral for was only 15, and they had an open 
casket service which I did the Bible and service for,
and then also a last minute notice at the funeral home 
I was told that they needed me to do a graveside service, 
and then join them at the meal afterward.  Wow!  It was 
a day that God and tons of prayer carried me through!!!
I was so wiped out that I did nothing last night when I 
got home, but have caught up some today.
Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone!!! :)

Monday, May 20, 2019


The Lord brightened my day by allowing my 2nd 
order(first order is still lost in mail space) of HDT 
to arrive today!!!
These are from AlenAleaDesign on Etsy.
Colors are Magic, Joy, Classic Rainbow, and Bloom.
For anyone who prays, I could use prayers.  I  teach 
the Bible on Sunday mornings outdoors in a poor town 
and this Wednesday afternoon I have to do a funeral
service for one of our teens.  It's been a hard day and 
I am thankful for the cheerful threads!!  Thanks to 
all those who pray for me!!
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2019

H E L P !!!!!!!!

I am so upset!!!!!!!!!!
I found a mistake 3 rows back and the only thing I 
know to do is cut off the 3 rows and re-tat all 3.
If you look just to the right of the purple clip you will
 see that I joined to a picot when I shouldn't have and 
this has created an extra chain(or arch) that should 
not be there and I am not sure how to correct it.
Hey Experienced Tatters, is there a way to correct this
and the other 2 rows after it so it's correct-without cutting 
and re-tatting??? 
If not, then I will get to cutting.
Hope your Saturday is going well!!! :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Another Twin Cathedral Doilies update

Here they are again.  Ready for row 30 of 33.
Again, they are tatted in size 40 Lizbeth 
Rainbow Taffy.
They are sitting on a table which is 4ft. by 2ft.
so...they are almost 2ft. wide.
 I wanted a way to set short goals for myself to help 
complete them quicker.  I think I found the right thing 
to help.  These are Stitchpins (Susan Bates brand)-I 
found them at Hobby Lobby and thought they would 
help me.  I didn't know how many chains around the 
rows until I placed these pins every 10 and there are 
96 chains to tat!!!!  But, I try to tat 10 at a time and 
it seems to help me get through it much quicker than
just tatting along.
 Also, I had mentioned that our daughter is part of 
a Pirate Crew and wants to bring things to sell when 
they have a vending event, so to add something to 
tat for change of pace and color I tatted this cuff 
bracelet.  I just made up the design hoping some 
pirate lady will like it for an addition to her costume.
And, I have another in mind.
Hope you have a wonderful day and achieve some 
tatting too!!! :)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Tollway Tatting at home

Well, since I couldn't go to Tollway Tatters  I had 
to find a way to join in from home.  I put on my 
new tie-dye T-shirt 
 and my tatted earrings which go well with the shirt
 and was tatting on one of the twin doilies
I think everyone who wants to join in from home 
can join this way.  Sure, we miss the chatting, but 
we are still a part of it all!! :)
Have a wonderful day filled with tatting!! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Hopefully some new sparkle for some new suncatchers!!

I found Crackle Beads on Amazon and thought they 
might bring a great new sparkle for my suncatchers!!
There are fabulous colors and quite the variety!!
 They are glass and that proved to be a tiny problem.
 The 6mm box was broken on one corner and so were 
some of the beads.
 Here is the broken corner.
 Thankfully there was only a spiderweb looking 
crack over the pink ones!!!
Working hard to finish the twin doilies because the 
lady who requested them just had 2 mini strokes and 
she wants to give them to her daughter and I really 
don't want it to be too late!!
So...suncatchers and pretty crackle beads will be 
on hold(possibly until after we move, but I hope 
not!!!  I want to play with the pretty colors!!) :)
Have a wonderful day!!! :)