Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bethany's improvements

Bethany is back for the weekend and wanting everyone online to see how she is improving. She has been very busy this past week making all these rings and making them "flat" as she says. And she says to let you know that she also made a flower and a bookmark which she gave to her mom(very proudly). I am very proud of her and am stunned by the persistence and focus. This may be just what she needs to help strengthen her concentration in other areas in life too. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My own pattern 5 Pointed Star

I was emptying a shuttle and didn't know what to do and butterflies are numerous already so I started with the little 5 ring flower and ended up with a 5 Pointed Star. I am pleased with it being my first design since I haven't found many tatted 5 pointed stars. I don't think I need to tell you which thread :D . It's about 1 1/2 in. in size 20.

Monday, July 26, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 7 Sparkling Snowflake

The pattern I started today came from this site: The picture they show doesn't look a bit like what I tatted from the pattern they gave. The most interesting part to me was that I thought I had seen this very snowflake in one of the books I have used and I was right. It's the Sparkling Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman. I was disappointed that it wasn't the snowflake they showed.

I think I need to find something larger(much) to tat after vacation! :)

25 #2 Motif # 6 Tiny Snowflake

Since I started tatting I found a good way to de-stress is to tat and last week and now this week are needing de-stressing and I am thankful for tatting. :)
This Tiny Snowflake is from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman done in Lizbeth size 20 Royal Wave.

Can you tell blue is my favorite color???? And this is the prettiest blue I have right now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 5 Ribbon Snowflake

Of course....I just couldn't be done with one project and put tatting aside for awhile is a snowflake I did tonight. It's from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman and done in Lizbeth size 20 Royal Wave. I don't think it looks as good in the scan as it does in real life, but I really like the pattern and am going to do more of these. :)

Bethany was glowing after hearing the comments and she says Hi. She has to go home again tomorrow.
And, pre-warning....I may not be tatting from next Wed. through the following week because we have a big jamboree at church that I am "in charge of"(detail wise anyway), and then we are going on our 2nd vacation in 24 years and can't wait!!! We are taking our 22 and 20 year olds to Cedar Point and we are all excited so I am praying that the weather is blessed! Until then, I will most likely be tatting. :)

25 #2 Motif # 4 Spinning Wheel Glass Mat

I have seen this pattern done so many times online and it's always looked awesome so I tried it. I am including it in my 2nd 25 Motif Challenge, even though I have made a mistake somehow. I like how it looks and am going to try it again another time(hopefully without the mistake). It's from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns and done in Lizbeth size 20 Royal Wave.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bethany's tatting yet...

Bethany is still tatting. She hasn't had much time to spend with me so she has had to work on her own. She just turned 14 last week and my daughter, Sarah, knowing how Bethany was enjoying tatting got Bethany her own shuttles(2), a spool of size 10 variegated rainbow thread, and a small jean tote bag to use as a tatting bag. Bethany loves it all!!! She called me the other day and told me she had made a bracelet and was so excited! Here is the picture of her bracelet and her string of 10 rings joined which she had to get done to learn chains. Now to work on chains and to make the rings look more like rings(at least she is having fun!).

As for me....I am still tatting, but.....I started a new project and have been having trouble with the pattern, and have tons of stuff to do for church(teaching a youth class, and been working on a jamboree which was supposed to happen today and tomorrow, but lots of storms and tons of rain have caused us to postpone till next weekend praying it will be much nicer!, so I am moving somewhat slow. Although, I agree with many others that the heat tends to be overbearing on brain cells so that hasn't helped either.
Prayerfully you will all have a great week! And those in the lines of the storms will be safe! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas tree ornament

Here is my Chritmas tree ornament. Not as showy as I thought it would be, but it seems to be a contemporary-keep it simple type. My daughter loves it and I guess as long as someone does that means it has value.

Here is another look.

Trying to show the rhinestones.

More rhinestones.

Top simple lacing.

Bottom simple lacing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Working on my own idea.....

When I was making the Loop-di-Loop Doily I noticed that a section reminded me of a Christmas tree. So I decided to make that section and see if it would look like a Christmas tree when not part of the doily. Here is the result-yes, it looks like a Christmas tree to me. Question.....would it be in violation of a copyright to use this section? Wanting to make my own Christmas tree ornament pattern.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 3 Simple Rose

I just did this this afternoon. It's a simple rose which I found the pattern here:
I love the design, but the first try was awful and very tight so I stopped, researched online more patterns with similiar design so that I could figure out how to do the joins and get it to look right(thanks to all who explain well!!). I found one where the pattern says to tat looser and use a lock join and that helped tons! This is done in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20 with tiny purple beads(which I didn't feel up to pushing them all to the ends of the picots so please forgive me). Now to flatten it since it curls into waves. :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 2 Mary Konior's Small Cross

I actually had this done yesterday early afternoon, but somehow it slipped my mind to scan and post it. It's done in Lizbeth Royal Wave size 20.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 1 Christmas ball Sun

This is the Christmas ball Sun from this site:
It's done in Lizbeth Christmas Delight size 20

It's hard to photograph because it's clear and just rings and strings. I made a mistake by not having any knowledge of the size of the ornament(which the pattern calls for 2" diameter), yet I thought I could make it.....and I didn't do the center rings first(I will next time) because the pattern has 31 rings(total 62) in the center and my ornament only took 21 and I had the top and bottom rings done with 31 picots(still learning-I should have just set those aside and made them to coordinate, but I was lazy especially after the work those took to begin with). Either way, I think it's awesome!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Motif # 25 'Quantiesque' Snowflake

I made 25!!!
I tried this beautiful pattern from Jon Yusoff. It's the Quantiesque Snowflake done in size 20 Lizbeth Christmas Delight. I dare try for another 25?????? I will let you know after some thought. Either way, I will continue tatting because I love it! And I will continue posting what I do make. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on all the projects I have done!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Motif # 24 Tatting on glass Christmas ornament

Hi Everyone! This was started and over half done on Friday and then life interrupted, but it's finished today. I love it! I made one mistake of making an extra chain(don't ask how-I have no clue and didn't notice till I laced it on), but I can add a charm to that and make it look like it was planned ;) . This is #3 from Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll. Done in size 10 red, and white.

In this next picture I have the extra chain shown so you will know where I will place the charm when I get it. :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

First tatting on glass Christmas ornament

I have to tell you that this won't count toward my 25 Motif Challenge because I don't care much for it, but it's done. Second, it has been mostly done except the "lacing" to the ornament for several months. A couple months after I started tatting I had been borrowing books from the library for patterns and I had borred Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll. While choosing things from the book I was interested in, I came across the ornament patterns in the back and was curious to try one so......I did, but I didn't have an ornament to try it on so it sat for a long time(although, I must confess I did use a light bulb to see how it would look on an ornament) :D I got the book from the library again to finish this and wound my shuttle and found out that all I needed was a needle, but oh well. And since my mother-in-law gave me these glass ornaments, here is the start. Hey it is. :D
The pattern is #10 & size 10 red thread.

Collar edge sewn on

I have the top and ends of the collar edge sewn on and it looks great!
****Question for anyone who has done something like this-will it be ok to leave the bottom free or will it curl when washed?
All suggestions and advice greatly appreciated!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Motif # 23

Curds and Whey from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior is done!
It's done in Lady ShuttleMaker's Peach Pandorea size 80.

Here it is displayed with the shirt it will be sewn to.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scrunchie in use & Checking collar trim

You can't tell from the picture, but I have very thick hair and I wanted something that will be seen even if I just wear a loose pony tail and I think this will do very nicely! Although, today, you are seeing just a glimpse of my hair-it's waist length and today it's braided to try and keep a bit cool. I love that you can see the pattern and the color so well(I had my daughter help my put it in and take the picture).

I wanted to see how much of the collar trim is done by putting up to the shirt collar edge. It's over half way and I am excited! My daughter suggests that I just do the front since you don't usually see the back collar with all the hair I have and I like that suggestion. I will post it when it's complete and sewn on(hopefully within 2 weeks!). :)

Bethany had to go home, but.........

She wanted me to let you know what she achieved before leaving.
On the left are her first rings and the little pink ones were made trying to get them closer together.
On the right are her joined picot rings. She says to let everyone know that now she is tatting and "picoting" :D I let her take the shuttle she is using home with her and also my size 10 pastel thread she is using so that she can continue to work. The only problem is....she hasn't wound a shuttle, but I think after describing it to her-she can call me and I can talk her through it without too much problem. I can't wait to see how long that joined chain of rings ends up by Sunday(that's when I should see her next when we pick her up for church).
And thank you all so very much for all the wonderful comments-she was BEAMING!!!

Motif # 22 Tatted Hair Scrunchie

I finished it this morning. Again, this is the Curved Hankie Edging from the Helping Hands Newsletter from Handy Hands Vol. 12 Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2004. Thread is Lady ShuttleMaker's HDT Tulips size 20.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Bethany's first rings made all by herself

Bethany is so proud, and I had to show these to share the excitement!

Have a new tatter coming up here......

My niece, Bethany, has come to stay for a few days and during one of her "I'm bored" moments, she saw me tatting and wanted to learn. At first I was sure this wound up-due to be 14 yrs. old next week(she made me tell you all)- child would not be still enough or actually work on learning, but she proved me wayyyyyyy wrong. Hardest part is that she is left handed and had troubles with me teaching her right handed, so I changed it up and taught her left handed(thank God He has helped me well with that and she is learning). She has learned the double stitch(and for some odd reason named the stitch "Bob"-don't bother asking I have no reasoning with this strange child). Here she is with my shuttle and white thread size 10(emptying one for me).

Learning the stitch and trying to work on a ring.

Doing ok.

Got a few stitches done and had to show them off.(She loves attention and if she keeps tatting-BEWARE- cuz' she wants to have her own blog and join us-----we have some time before that happens yet.) :)

Showing off the first ring with major excitement(too bad I had the flash on-at least we can see the ring).

Working on the "flip" here.

She worked for a couple hours last night and ended the night in 2 games of "SORRY". And was wanting to stay up and play more cuz' she didn't win. She says she has to WIN! :D

We had to get up to go shopping this morning, but the first thing Bethany wanted to do....TAT. We had to make her wait till after getting groceries. And here you can see she got it together by herself and has been working at getting the stitch down correctly.

And, she is excited to show you that today she is working with variegated pastel colors!

Doing stitches on her own, and doing pretty well. She has very little patience or attention and is loving tatting(miracle????). :)

And I was trying to make myself a tatted hair scrunchie and here it is so far. The pattern is from Helping Hands Newsletter from Handy Hands Vol.12 Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2004. It's called Curved Hankie Edging and the thread is Lady Shuttlemaker's HDT Tulips size 20. And it goes great with my red shirt!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Still busy tatting :)

Still busy with snowflakes and dragonflies.
The first is the Unique Snowflake and the second is the Cloverleaf Snowflake both from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman.
The others are Jon Yusoff's dragonfly pattern-the first is done in Lizbeth Caribbean size 20 with tiny purple beads, and the second is white size 10 with orange beads. The dragonfly twins are going to fulfill a request from my daughter for earrings(they are only as big as my thumb).

Needing Help

I have this pattern that I would like to tat, but I cannot figure out how to do the lovely wings.
If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Motif # 21

I needed a change from the snowflakes! I am not really big on dragonflies, but I have 2 that intrigue me so I decided to try. Here is Jon Yusoff's Dragonfly- pattern here:
I think I did pretty good. :)

...another snowflake-again

This Snowflake is one designed by Heather- pattern here:
It didn't turn out as well as it should have because I forgot to put the beads on the string first so I added them by using joins. It looks ok though.

....another snowflake just done this morning

I just made this snowflake this morning. It's the Ribbon Floss Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman.

I had made several of these shortly after I learned to tat, and here they are with this new one in the center.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blizzard started..... Motif # 20(grouping them as one)

Here is the start to my blizzard. Some problems, but they are done.
Top left is Ice Crystal Snowflake by Saundra Hameed: pattern here-

Top right is Threes Snowflake by LadyTats: pattern here-

Bottom left is Snowflake on a Paper Clip by Ellen Lai: pattern here-

Bottom right is Hearts in a Snowflake by Jon Yusoff: pattern here-

All done in size 10 (cheap! made that point when just barely trying to close a split ring and the thread just pulled apart) white. My Hearts in a Snowflake just didn't work out like I hoped, but I will try again later and maybe then we will see hearts. :) Thanks to all who shared their patterns. :)