Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 25 Motif Challenge # 8 Suncatchers

My mother-in-law wants 2 more suncatchers for her lampshade here:
Well, these 2 are done with a different pattern than those already on the lampshade.  This pattern is Silver Charm Suncatcher Ornament from the Big Book of Tatting by Darlene Polachic.
They are tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Autumn Spice, and Honey Drizzle.  They both have the same beads which were a from Jon .  They are in bangle bracelets.  :)  I am going to save them for her Christmas present!  ;)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Great Surprise in the mail!!!

 I received a package yesterday that surprised and blessed me!!  I had won a guessing game on a tatting project and was told I was to expect a package.  Well...I had forgotten with life getting so busy.  And so it was truly a surprise!!!  It was from Kristen(  There is a tatting book in a different language(with cool looking tatting diagrams-gonna have to try some sometime), a tatted motif(at the top of the book marking one of the diagrams I want to try), a sweet car, 2 shuttles(in the tin), and a beautiful doily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Sunburst(spiderweb) doily is now gracing my angel and drawing great attention!!!  :)  Thank you so much for you generous gifts Kristen and for the awesome Sunburst doily!!!  :)
 And this is just a picture to show a few little bits of my displayed tatting and Jon's( doily I won quite some time back, and have displayed with my daughter's hand-blown glass glow-in-the-dark dolphin from Dollywood.  :)