Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 17 The Fifth Day of December

I am not sure if I tighten my chains too much or not, but it seems to me that I have trouble making things that lay flat well. This is from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting from Lene Bjorn in DMC size 80.

Friday, November 26, 2010

25 #2 Motif #16 The Second Day of December Snowflakes

I have tatted some since feeling better and around the holiday preparation and day.
I tatted 2 of Lene Bjorn's Second Day of December Snowflakes from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. The first is done in cheap size 10 thread and the second in DMC size 80 thread. I thought the comparison would be nice especially for those here who are trying to understand me when I talk about tatting.

And to prove that tatting can make anything look better(even chocolate), here is a picture to prove it. :)

My hubby got me a 2 1/2 pound box of chocolates while I was sick, and then came home with this Wednesday night(5 pounds). I am beginning to wonder what he did wrong(if you knew him-you would understand completely, cuz' I don't usually get anything from him on a just because I was thinking about you day).
I think it looks so much better with the snowflakes, but believe me they won't be near it when the chocolate is exposed. :)
Also, while our guests were here for Thanksgiving they got to see all the snowflakes decorating my tree and these 2 new ones, and my tatting on glass ornaments and I ended up with several orders(don't know if they are paying, but not expecting). So.....I will be busy soon making 3 cross bookmarks and a pair of cross earrings for my mother-in-law, and 9 glass ornaments with tatting for a couple of friends(and some for the older couple who just got married), and another cross bookmark.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Should be working....

Yes, I have been doing a little tatting, but I was sick for 2 weeks with little brain cells(which are essential for tatting) and I will show you what I have done when I finish the second one, but........ today I am supposed to be getting the house ready for Thursday's Thanksgiving Day guests and tomorrow is cooking day, and what am I doing????? Messin' around. My daughter is wrapping gifts and I saw the curling ribbon and was so inclined to see if I could tat with it(finger tatted). I am thankful for dollar stores since it's cheap enough I felt ok to "waste" some on a whim, and my daughter said it was ok too. :D
So, here is the tatting I just did with curling ribbon. It can be done, but isn't terribly pretty, but it was fun to try. :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!! May your holiday weekend be blessed!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ok, so I am addicted to tatting

I figured I wouldn't have time to tat this week, but I couldn't resist the urge to tat something(anything-I messed up a butterfly, but got one done while trying to empty 2 shuttles), but today I decided to try and make these for my niece so I could give them to her while we work a ministry weekend together this weekend. It took only about 2 hours to complete the pair. I will say they are not perfect, but I think she will like them.
Oh, these are done in Lizbeth size 20 black. The rings are 20mm.

I will not be able to do anymore till next week, but then I am planning on trying to finish a doily I started awhile back. And hopefully making some snowflakes and decorating some more glass Christmas ornaments(too ambitious probably).