Friday, November 26, 2010

25 #2 Motif #16 The Second Day of December Snowflakes

I have tatted some since feeling better and around the holiday preparation and day.
I tatted 2 of Lene Bjorn's Second Day of December Snowflakes from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. The first is done in cheap size 10 thread and the second in DMC size 80 thread. I thought the comparison would be nice especially for those here who are trying to understand me when I talk about tatting.

And to prove that tatting can make anything look better(even chocolate), here is a picture to prove it. :)

My hubby got me a 2 1/2 pound box of chocolates while I was sick, and then came home with this Wednesday night(5 pounds). I am beginning to wonder what he did wrong(if you knew him-you would understand completely, cuz' I don't usually get anything from him on a just because I was thinking about you day).
I think it looks so much better with the snowflakes, but believe me they won't be near it when the chocolate is exposed. :)
Also, while our guests were here for Thanksgiving they got to see all the snowflakes decorating my tree and these 2 new ones, and my tatting on glass ornaments and I ended up with several orders(don't know if they are paying, but not expecting). So.....I will be busy soon making 3 cross bookmarks and a pair of cross earrings for my mother-in-law, and 9 glass ornaments with tatting for a couple of friends(and some for the older couple who just got married), and another cross bookmark.


Sally Kerson said...

Tatting and chocolate, a wonderful combination!
The snowflakes look beautiful, I rarely tat with white thread these days and looking at yours has inspired me to tat a few white snowflakes. All those orders from people, fantastic, have you got enough time though?

God's Kid said...

Hi Sally, Thanks for the wonderful comment!
I have seen so many beautiful snowflakes on blogs done in all wonderful colors, but for some reason my mind has kept me in the white so far.
As for enough time for the orders, the crosses need to be done by February, the earrings will come when I can get them done, and the ornaments....I would like to get them done before Christmas, but I don't think I tat fast enough to do that many, but I have been giving the ok to make them for next Christmas. :) Such wonderful patient friends.
Can't wait to see your white snowflakes! :)

IsDihara said...

YUM! Your tatting looks like icing on the Hershey 5lb. cake! How ever will you finish that tall tatting order before the holidays?