Friday, July 23, 2010

Bethany's tatting yet...

Bethany is still tatting. She hasn't had much time to spend with me so she has had to work on her own. She just turned 14 last week and my daughter, Sarah, knowing how Bethany was enjoying tatting got Bethany her own shuttles(2), a spool of size 10 variegated rainbow thread, and a small jean tote bag to use as a tatting bag. Bethany loves it all!!! She called me the other day and told me she had made a bracelet and was so excited! Here is the picture of her bracelet and her string of 10 rings joined which she had to get done to learn chains. Now to work on chains and to make the rings look more like rings(at least she is having fun!).

As for me....I am still tatting, but.....I started a new project and have been having trouble with the pattern, and have tons of stuff to do for church(teaching a youth class, and been working on a jamboree which was supposed to happen today and tomorrow, but lots of storms and tons of rain have caused us to postpone till next weekend praying it will be much nicer!, so I am moving somewhat slow. Although, I agree with many others that the heat tends to be overbearing on brain cells so that hasn't helped either.
Prayerfully you will all have a great week! And those in the lines of the storms will be safe! :)

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Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Please tell Bethany how much we enjoy following her progress. Congratulations to her on figuring our how to create a bracelet for herself.