Monday, July 5, 2010

Have a new tatter coming up here......

My niece, Bethany, has come to stay for a few days and during one of her "I'm bored" moments, she saw me tatting and wanted to learn. At first I was sure this wound up-due to be 14 yrs. old next week(she made me tell you all)- child would not be still enough or actually work on learning, but she proved me wayyyyyyy wrong. Hardest part is that she is left handed and had troubles with me teaching her right handed, so I changed it up and taught her left handed(thank God He has helped me well with that and she is learning). She has learned the double stitch(and for some odd reason named the stitch "Bob"-don't bother asking I have no reasoning with this strange child). Here she is with my shuttle and white thread size 10(emptying one for me).

Learning the stitch and trying to work on a ring.

Doing ok.

Got a few stitches done and had to show them off.(She loves attention and if she keeps tatting-BEWARE- cuz' she wants to have her own blog and join us-----we have some time before that happens yet.) :)

Showing off the first ring with major excitement(too bad I had the flash on-at least we can see the ring).

Working on the "flip" here.

She worked for a couple hours last night and ended the night in 2 games of "SORRY". And was wanting to stay up and play more cuz' she didn't win. She says she has to WIN! :D

We had to get up to go shopping this morning, but the first thing Bethany wanted to do....TAT. We had to make her wait till after getting groceries. And here you can see she got it together by herself and has been working at getting the stitch down correctly.

And, she is excited to show you that today she is working with variegated pastel colors!

Doing stitches on her own, and doing pretty well. She has very little patience or attention and is loving tatting(miracle????). :)

And I was trying to make myself a tatted hair scrunchie and here it is so far. The pattern is from Helping Hands Newsletter from Handy Hands Vol.12 Issue 2 Spring/Summer 2004. It's called Curved Hankie Edging and the thread is Lady Shuttlemaker's HDT Tulips size 20. And it goes great with my red shirt!


Stephanie said...

A new tatter! YAY! Make sure she sticks with it. She has our support. I, too, am a lefty, but found it easier to learn right handed because everyone else was doing it that way and I crochet as a righty.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

My congratulations to Bethany and to you as her instructor!

Agnieszka Winnicka said...

Awesome!!! She is one of us now!! Keep practicing Bethany, You're doing great girl!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Yay, teaching a new tatter. I love the new name for the double stitch. Bob. So much faster to say. I just may adopt that name for the stitch myself.

Love the scrunchy you are working on. Pretty colors!