Monday, February 1, 2016

More tatting done today

I had the centers done this weekend so I had stars to look at till today, 
and I just finished the outer round.
The top ones are are size 40 Lizbeth Tropical Punch.
 These next ones are size 40 Lizbeth Juicy Watermelon.
I am already setting up to work on my next challenge piece.
I am having a little trouble figuring out the pattern because the book is set up different from any I have used, but I am going to try it(someone say I prayer, I think I need it).  :)
Have an awesome night and tat a little!!  :)


Jane McLellan said...

Scrumptious! I've given all mine away, I think I'll have to make some more. Good luck with the next challenge.

Madtatter80 said...

these little stars are great and love the colors. I know what you mean about the instructions tha Ben Fikkert books are like none I have ever seen and now a days it would be nice if the instructing would be written, like what we are used to. I had do draw the pattern and read and read and write in numbers like "normal" it was a task, but they are very beautiful when done! will say a little prayer :)

God's Kid said...

Thank you both very much!!! :)
I can't wait to see the next ones you make Jane!! :)
Thanks for the prayer Madtatter80, I know I can use it!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely stars, very pretty colours

God's Kid said...

Thank you Margaret!!! :)

Sarah said...

These are so lovely. Every time you post a new batch of them I enjoy the photos.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Sarah!!! :)