Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Keeping busy to avoid boredom!!!

Quite a long time ago I was gifted this 
beautiful large plastic bead.  I was also 
gifted this thread(at a separate time), and 
it seemed to go well with the bead.  Well,
 I had made several attempts to add tatting 
to the bead, but it's super slippery and I 
just could not do it.  So...the thread and 
bead have sat together ever since.  Well, 
while searching for other things in the 
storage unit, I got into the "Ice Drop" 
cart and found the two sitting in one 
of the drawers.  Well....nothing much 
else productive to do in this hotel room, 
so I thought I would try again, and...
I got it!!!  Our daughter loves it too!
It's Lizbeth size 20 Red Burst.
 This next item has a similar story and 
was in the same drawer.  It's a button 
which matched this fabulous Lizbeth 
size 40 Salmon Med.
 Just using up thread and made a little 
motif to add to a fabric yoyo.  It's inter-
laced rings(very hard to see) with white 
 Emptying the final thread off that shuttle 
and have some tiny things to add to 
fabric yoyos.
 Here is the group below.  Size comparison with a 
standard Clover shuttle.
It's tatted with double sewing thread for the rings and 
the chain has single thread around the shuttle 
thread.  I was hoping it would be big enough for 
our daughter's fabric yoyo pumpkins, but... not at 
all.  See the dime??  At least it looked like the 
pattern!!!  ;)
Working on a small doily.  Have 10 medallions to 
tat for the outer round, but the center is done.
Have a wonderful night and great tatting time!!!  :)


Jane McLellan said...

You’re making good use of your time!

God's Kid said...

Thank you Jane!!! :) I have to because I am afraid that when they say we can finally move that there will be no time to do anything but move & unpack, plus organize for a very long time. ;)

muskaan said...

Pleasure in pink !!! What an array. 💗💖💗 Hopefully you can use a few for your craft fair ?

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lovely tatting as always! Isn't it funny how we can try using things multiple times with no success, and then suddenly everything works just right? I love when that happens!

God's Kid said...

Thank you both!!! :)
muskaan, I hope to make the yoyos with tatting into barrettes and headbands for the craft fairs.
Diane, I agree!!!