Saturday, May 13, 2017


I am needing some suncatchers for some very special 
ladies who will receive them in August.
I received some Ice Drop "gems" and "bingo chips" 
(or tiddly winks to some) from a wonderful tatting 
friend.  As you can see, I can't help but "play" with 
them and tatting.  :)
Unlike muskaan, I am a glutton for punishment and 
work with all these paperclips hanging around.  
 I tatted with Lizbeth size 40 Butterfly Breeze, 
cheap plastic kids beads, and small glass beads, and 
a bangle bracelet.
 Here is the first one I did in yellow a week or so 
ago, along side the new blue one.
Both are tatted in the same color thread and have 
a yellow bingo chip in the center, but the beads 
and bracelets are different colors.
Amazing how different they look.
 I started by trying a heart in the center, and next 
a butterfly.  The picture below shows how neat 
they look in a window and how you can see all 
the way through.
 Next, the yellow was my first attempt and it's a little 
loose, but ok.  And, I noticed today that I missed 
tatting 1 ring(I'm not telling where if no one sees it 
cuz' when I posted it before no one said anything), 
and I also missed 1 picot on the center chain 
surrounding the bingo chip, so it should have 1 more 
chain and large bead in the "middle ring" of the 
suncatcher(oh, too late and it looks ok).  :)
So, for the blue one, I changed the design a little 
and I came out better, but still a tiny bit loose, so...
another suncatcher will have to be made to do 
better yet!!!  :)
But......I also am really needing to get back to my 
personal challenge of tatting on glass ornaments 
and filling my ornament stand before Christmas!!
Happy, happy tatting everyone!!!!!!!!  :)
Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all who celebrate it!


muskaan said...

:-D The punishment really paid off ! They look gorgeous !!!
And amazing how the colourway changed with different bead colours !!
Yes, i do need to get my eyes checked if I can't pick out mistakes ;-P But no time to spare from tatting :-D

God's Kid said...

Thank you so very much muskaan!!! :) You have a great sense of humor!! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

They are so very pretty! I love the butterfly!

Jane McLellan said...

Wow, those are fabulous!! Worth working with a lot of paperclips to get the effect you're looking for. Trust me, a small mistake is neither here nor there - shows it wasn't made by a machine!

Ninetta said...

Lovely :) happy mother's day!

Madtatter80 said...

your wonderful you take that ball and run with it! I love them all and I love to see all the paperclips its so very fun for a tatter any way!

God's Kid said...

Thank you all very, very much!!! :)
Jane, I agree about the wasn't made by a machine. I am thankful that the tatting we do isn't by machines, it wouldn't be fun!! :)

Lelia said...

These are marvelous - so much prettier in hand. Job well done!

God's Kid said...

Thank you so very, very much!!! :)