Thursday, June 24, 2010

Motif # 19 Sarah's Heart

I finished Sarah's Heart! I think it looks really good. I can't wait till I get it to my daughter.
For those who haven't seen the first part it's done with Lizbeth Caribbean thread size 20 and tiny purple beads. The designer is Teri Dusenbury. I changed only the top center chains-they are supposed to attach to the tops of the rings next to them, but it was easier for me to join them between the rings(please forgive me Teri). It sure went quicker than I expected. :)


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm quite impressed at the amazing progress you've made since you learned about tatting - beginning in January! I don't believe you've mentioned exactly how you learned to tat.

Then you started your blog in March, entered the 25 Motif Challenge, and you're already up to Motif #19!

You've done some very lovely doilies and have also tatted a variety of items, using a variety of threads and have also ventured into beadwork!

Lizbeth Caribbean is one of my favorite threads, and your recent items all look very attractive tatted with it. This is a very sweet heart, and very nicely tatted. Your scans also look great!

Congratulations on achieving so much in such a short time!

Anonymous said...

beautiful work.