Thursday, June 24, 2010

About my learning to tat for those who wonder.... :)

I had never heard of tatting until January this year when I saw it on someone's website one day. She had a short video of someone needle tatting and the lady on the video said that there were only 2 stitches and what little she did intrigued me. I started researching it on the internet and found several videos on youtube which were shuttle tatters and very informative and helpful.
I went and got a few supplies and tried it(first attempts looked great, but didn't have the flip), and then I got more supplies and tried more and more.
Tatting is relaxing as well as frustrating to me, and I love it. My family and friends all love what I have done and are encouraging.
I am very inspired by all the wonderful things I find on the 25 Motif Challenge and all the blogs I follow, and even some I see on others blogs.
I am very thankful for all the wonderful comments, compliments, and encouragement.
I am currently continuing work on the Curds and Whey project from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns and am hoping to get it done within 3 weeks(I want it to be a collar trim). There are a few mistakes in it-miscounted stitches, but I like it anyway.
Hope that answers a few questions and if they are any more....just ask. :)
Have a blessed day all!

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks for expanding on your tatting story! It's amazing how far you've come in such a short time after learning only from videos on the internet! I learned in extremely slow motion (back in 1989-90) compared to you! Some day I'll tell the whole story, but I had to rely on personal mentors! The internet wasn't around yet!

I now recommend Janette Baker's excellent DVD and book, but there ARE some very good free tutorials on the internet. They are invaluable for actually showing the formation of the 'knot', but there ARE different styles of manipulating the shuttle, so it can be confusing, too. But you forged ahead!

Then after you finally learned the 'flip', you right away had to 'unlearn' it to do split rings! I was intimidated by split rings. Of course, I never heard of them until 1994 when Teri Dusenbury made us aware of them after she recognized their potential from Mary Sue Kuhn's books.

So, congratulations again on an apparent natural ability to tat! I have a feeling you'll be designing and publishing your own patterns soon!