Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2 More pair of my original Ice Drop earrings

Finished these yesterday in size 40 Lizbeth 
Purple Splendor.
 Finished these today in size 40 Lizbeth 
Snow White.
And now I am out of those beads.
 And, for those who don't know, I don't use the 
regular Ice Drop gems in these because they are too 
heavy.  I have used these small glass beads I bought 
at Jo Ann's.  They are the 2nd & 3rd strings from the 
right.  I have also tatted 2 pair using those purple 
beads which are very light weight plastic.  And as 
you can see, I have plenty of other beads to tat into 
earrings or something!!  ;)
Now, these are not to be confused with the "Real" 
Ice Drop earrings I tatted using small regular Ice Drop 
gems-picture below side by side with a regular sized 
Birthday Ice Drop with the regular sized gem:


muskaan said...

I'm drooling!!! And you shouldn't be tempting me with your purple splendor colourway before I've even had breakfast ;-P
Looking forward to your projects

Ninetta said...

lovely, pretty beads!

God's Kid said...

Thank you both!!! :)