Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Just a little lake-effect snow.

 This picture below is our front steps.  I shoveled the 
top step from inside since the snow was up to the 
doorway(approx. 6 inches), and in less than 5 minutes 
you can see it's almost covered again already.
 Below is our driveway-nope, I am not going out 
today!  Our daughter and my hubby had to for work.
 Look at all the snow on such a thin railing.
 Snow on the garbage can, grill, and picnic table.
 And...over-hang snow on the back thin railing.
Temps this morning when hubby left were 6 degrees F, 
and the wind chill was -5 degrees F.
I will probably work on the drive tomorrow(yah, just 
before the next snow storm which is supposed to be 
followed by more lake-effect snow.  ;)
My neighbors and family members are all willing to 
share with anyone who wants to come get some- I will 
keep my share!!!!!!!  ;)
Happy tatting and I hope you are all staying warm!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Looks cold! But pretty. We are very hot here.

God's Kid said...

It is Jane! Now I know where the warmth has gone-to you! ;)
It is 5 degrees F with a windchill of -6 this morning, and approx. an hour's drive away it's -9 degrees F with a windchill of -20(if you don't know what windchills are, they are what the temperature feels like due to the wind blowing and making it feel colder).