Saturday, January 30, 2016

2015 25 Motif Challenge # 10(I know it's 2016)

Last year I didn't get anywhere near the 25 for the challenge.  Not that I didn't tat 25 things, but...I really feel that I want to only include things in the Challenge which are a challenge or new technique to me-so this year I want to do my best to try and finish last year's challenge, and do a challenge for this year too, which means I will be challenged quite a bit if I make it!!  :)
This is a pattern from Ninetta which has intrigued me since I saw it.  
She calls it the Superduo Squared Motif.  She used superduo beads, but mine say twin beads.
The bead color says Blue Iris.  I wish you could see how fabulous the colors are!!
And the seed beads are a dark purple, but I guess bead colors tonight don't go well with the scanner.
The thread is size 40 Lizbeth Boysenberry Dk.
I don't think I did bad for my first try(although it took 3 starts).
And since I have 4 or 5 bags of these beads I guess I will learn from this and have more projects with these beads.  :)
I hope you have had a wonderful day!!!  I have had a pretty restful and tatting filled day!!!


Madtatter80 said...

Wow this looks great! And great way to start of the challenge, they are fascinating beads and glad Ninetta created an actual pattern using them. thanks for the information love to refer to it :)

God's Kid said...

Thank you very much!! :)

Fox said...

Looks wonderful!

Jane McLellan said...

Oh well done! I liked that pattern but haven't come across the right beads. Yes, I agree, the projects for the challenge should be a personal challenge if possible.

muskaan said...

Fantastic !!! Love Ninetta's patterns & you have done a beautiful rendition with lovely colours !

God's Kid said...

Thank you all!!! :)
Jane, I don't know if you have a Hobby Lobby by you, but that is where I found mine. I am sure they are on the internet somewhere. :)

Bernice said...

Good for you for joining the challenge. I've never done this but enjoy the work of others. Such great work with beads. Every post you do is something new I want to try. :)

God's Kid said...

Thank you Bernice!! I have actually continued the challenge from year to year since I started tatting about 6 years ago. I just love it, but this year is hopefully going to be more challenging! :)
I hope you do try some of the projects! Others inspire me, and I hope to inspire others!! :)