Saturday, January 16, 2016

Progress and rest today

After the week I have had tatting is like a vacation!!!!
This first picture is of the very large snowman suncatcher(well...the belly of the snowman).
It's going to take quite some time, but this is an awesome start for me.
This next picture is of the doily I started this week.  
This is my progress with the third round just tatted this morning. 
 And....I also got the fourth round done today.
I hope your Saturday is blessed with rest and tatting also!!!  :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a wonderful way to vacation! I love the blues! I hope next week is more restful for you.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Diane!! :) It has been a good and restful day!! Lots of tatting accomplished too!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

I hope the coming week is easier and also has time for tatting! Both pieces are very pretty.

SWtrompeter said...

Looks like you are making great progress on both projects. Glad you have had a good tatting 'vacation' on Saturday. I hope the next few weeks are more relaxed, with more tatting time for you.

God's Kid said...

Thank you both very much!!! :)