Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Triangle hexagon

I love the way this is turning out! I may have to get more thread if there is any chance I want to make it bigger(and of course there is a BIG chance I want it bigger!). It is really amazing me what I will be able to do with this pattern. As I tat I keep seeing all kinds of neat stuff(which you may see in the future).

Below is a size comparison incase you decide to try it. This is Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel Glass Mat done in Lizbeth Royal Wave size 20 next to 24 triangles all connected from the DMC Library Tatting from the antique pattern library. It's PLATE IV. #23 done in Heather's(The Tarnished Tatter) HDT Harvest Time size 30. I love the autumn look and would love something quite large done in it(this may end up large if I have my way).

I may not be posting before the 2nd week of Nov. I will be busy on ministry weekends(this weekend and next) and there won't be much tatting time.
Have a great couple of weeks! :)


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I was so intrigued with the triangle pattern and its many possibilities that I had to try it! Thanks for the link to the antique pattern library.

The triangles must be perfect in shape (all sides equal) for this to work, and obviously your triangles are perfect!

I am tatting with size 30 Lizbeth Jellybean, and mine aren't quite perfect so I may have to tweak a bit on the large rings.

I'm getting lots of practice with the last join (untwisted picot) on each triange, but I really am finding this fascinating to do. However, I'll probably just stop at the star!

I'll be interested in seeing how far you go with this idea!

Fox said...

This is quite amazing - as is your stitching! Very nice indeed!
Fox : )