Monday, October 4, 2010

Round 8 done

Working hard to get caught up on this tablecloth. I have 2 more rounds to catch up, but I am guessing by that time there will be more instructions and rounds. Right now it is just over 1 foot across. My husband is really wanting it done(I tell him to do it and see how quickly it gets done).
We have an oval table so this won't be for us, but I figured it was excellent practice! And Agasunset designs such awesome stuff I just had to try. :D

It's not blocked, just smoothed out by hand so it has a funny shape right now.


Suztats said...

Lookin' very fine! What a lot of time you've put into this! Good things take time.

Umintsuru said...

It looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Oh, WOW! That looks great! You are doing a great job and it sure looks like a lot of work! Good for you! :D
~TattingChic ♥

Fox said...

Yes, it does look like a lot of work! And it is lovely!
Fox : )