Friday, August 13, 2010

Why do I get frustrated doing rings and bare threads???

Slight teaser picture.... I will show the project when(if.....) I get it done. It seems like it would be terribly easy, but I get so tired and kind of bored doing this type of pattern, which is why my Fisherman's net doily hasn't made much progress(other than I think I would prefer a different thread to work it in). I am continuing this, but the heat and humidity are driving me crazy! :)

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BSOTF said...

God's Kid,
Sometimes the thread has to be bare. It's ok for them to be naked. In fact there are several patterns where the thread is just that. Yet it looks beautiful kind of like a new born baby in it's birthday suit.
What ever you are making is going to look beautiful & the colors put me in the mind of Christmas. I might be wrong. But that's ok too.
Your work is lovely!