Wednesday, August 11, 2010

25 #2 Motif # 9 large wheel Christmas ornament

I told you I had plans for the large wheel motif. I made a second connected and finished it on a glass ornament. It looks great(could use a slightly larger ornament, but this is what I have and I have no idea of what size they are). Done in Lizbeth Christmas Delight size 20.

On these clear ornaments it's hard to show the beauty.

Here is a side view. :)

Not so sure I enjoy tatting directly on the ornament, but that was the only way to finish this. ;)


Suztats said...

It's so pretty! I bet your tree will be gorgeous this Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the tatting on the clear ornament ball. I think it makes it even prettier!!

Unknown said...

I agree with Lily, the clear ball is let's the tatting really show, but I can imagine how hard it is to photograph. I've been squinting at the pictures, to see how the joins work. Clever!