Friday, August 31, 2018

A large disc completed

Tons of ideas to fancy these up, but 2 angels are 
begging to be completed,'s angel making 
time again.
Have a wonderful day, and I hope you get some 
tatting in!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Up since 4am and some tatting done..

These are the Confetti discs that I am tatting around 
for the wreath.  I am currently working on a large one 
for an ornament.
 Below are the two I have for the wreath.  These are 
the small discs.  I love the reflection feature!!
 I am currently deciding on how I want the items 
on the wreath, and then when I figure it out I will 
wire them to the wreath.  The ribbon in the center 
will be made into a bow.
 I had test tatted Robin's Wave Bookmark and showed 
it to my friends on facebook and it was promptly 
claimed, and then another friend also claimed it, so 
I had to tat a second.  It has a longer tassel than the 
first.  I also think it's tatted better-practice makes 
perfect.  ;)
Well, on to other things if my brain will let me.
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Accomplishing some(2nd post today)

Working on my red wreath(,white & green),
I have white tatted snowflakes, and some cute 
Christmas decorative buttons, and red, silver & green 
jingle bells to go with my garland which you can see 
in the first picture.  I wanted a little more so I got out 
these red(&green also) cardboard discs which they 
call confetti(they are very large confetti).  I decided 
to use the smaller of the two sizes and tat around it 
for something different on this wreath.
I like it!!  Can't wait to get a green one done!!!
 Below is a size comparison.
Have a wonderful tat-filled night!! :)

Still tatting along.....

I finished test tatting another of Robin Perfetti's 
bookmarks.  This one is Fancy Bookmark.
Tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Boysenberry Dk.
I should have used smaller picots in the center 
joins, but it's noted for next time.
And....I changed the bow on the wreath
(and added another snowflake and snowman).
I personally think it works better.  I am 
saving the other bow and planning on 
doing a wreath(maybe not this year) with 
the darker blues.  ;)
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Little starts yesterday

Amidst all the housework I did yesterday, I was 
actually able to get some tatting in.
I started 2 angels(these are the centers of the wings),
and 2 bookmarks(still test tatting, and fulfilling 
one request).
I hope your day is filled with tatting!!! :)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Test Tatting(different designer)

Test Tatting for Robin Perfetti from 
Tatting by the Bay blog.
This is the Wave Bookmark.  It's 
tatted in size 20 Over the Rainbow 
HDT from
I love the bookmark!!  Next time I think I 
will do a better job on it, but it's so pretty 
and, a friend claimed it as soon as it was 
done.  And another friend has asked for 
Hope your weekend was wonderful
and that your week is blessed!!  :)
Have a great time tatting!!! :)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Preparing for the Craft Show in Oct.

Photography is not my talent.  I love taking 
pictures, but they don't seem as wonderful as 
when others take them.
I wanted to show the 4 colors of angels I have.
Lizbeth Summer Fun, Cotton Candy, 
Tropical Punch, and Blue Ice.
I currently have 5 angels ready.
 I bought artificial wreaths years ago to add tatting 
to, but have procrastinated A LOT!!!
Well, the garland was done a long time ago, 
the snowflakes on and off a long time ago, 
the snowman were bought when the wreath was, 
and I just got the ribbon for the bow.
 I am second guessing the bow now.  The blues are 
so different, yet all the blues are different.
I made the bow yesterday.
 Hoping you can see all the little pieces.
Any opinions on the bow??  Should I look for 
another blue ribbon that could be a better match??
The wall is actually cream colored, but the sun is 
coming through the blinds to the left of this and 
I can't get better pictures.

Have a wonderful day and hopefully some tatting 
too!!!  :)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Tollway Tatters

 Starting out for Tollway Tatters Saturday morning 
and this beautiful moon(although, I thought it was
the sun, but Richard said it was too early-7:30am)
 Diane and Denise were there first and then I joined 
them, and then Carrie joined us.
Diane and Denise had goodies for us.
 I worked on my Cathedral Doily and from the time 
I started this row(27 of 33) till the time I got home 
I got about 1/2 the row done(too much talking -maybe).
 Denise worked on Ice Drop turtles.
Notice the tatting design on her bag on the lower 
left corner.
 A closer up view of the first 2 of 3 turtles.
 These are Denise's current projects.
 Here is Denise tatting away.
 Diane was working on her beautiful doily.
 Carrie was working on these wonderful hair clips 
for a friend who was getting married.
 Carrie busy tatting away.
 Carolyn(in the center) joined us later.  She brought
lots and lots of stuff.
 Here are some of her very beautiful Ice Drops and 
snowflakes(I absolutely LOVE the Christmas 
colored snowflakes!!! :)
 Here are the four ladies busy tatting and chatting.
We actually got tatting done this time!!!
 Carolyn tatted these beautiful crown pieces to 
add to headbands for brides.
 Lots of movement and discussion.
 Tables full!!!
Carolyn brought beads and directions to make 
dangles, so we got to make dangles,  My beads
are on that paper in the center of the table.
I will show the dangle when I get done gluing 
the knot.
I absolutely love and appreciate being able 
to join the Tollway Tatters when possible, 
because for me it's like a mini vacation and 
it refreshes me for boring normal life.  ;)
Already awaiting the next opportunity, and
so are the "boys" I have along with me, because 
they made it to Bass Pro and overspent and 
they are planning on Cabela's next time(for 
those who don't know these stores, they are 
for fishing and hunting.

Have a wonderful tatting filled day!!! :)

Friday, August 17, 2018

Not tatting related(kind of) for Michelle

Michelle, not tackling a mountain, although it 
actually was.  I was dismantling a mountain.
I am a "pack rat" and have a huge area in our 
room to "store" stuff.  So, this first picture shows
the mountain(since last year in May).
 There is a large dining table in there.  I started in 
the center underneath(not sure why, but it was a 
start).  And then in the center on top.
 I then cleared the whole left side of the table off. 
And on Wednesday I got all of it cleared off and 
out from under it too.  Then I got the table taken 
apart myself(NOT easy!!) cuz' it's very heavy-I 
think it's oak.
 Then I replaced it with a different table and have 
since rebuilt the mountain.  ;)
Everything from the center to the left end of the 
table, plus those boxes with the Christmas trees 
on the left is all tatting, or for tatting.  ;)
The stuff in the front has to be gone through and 
most has to be gotten rid of.  I am pleased with 
that, but....I just had to go get a bunch of stuff 
from a friend's house who just got put into a 
nursing home permanently and I now have to 
figure out where to put it all.
So...there is my explanation of dismantling a 
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Another snowflake

I am still working on snowflakes for my 2nd 
wreath.  This is Snowflake adapted from 5-point 
star by Sandy from 2018 Handy Hands Catalog.
Tatted in size 20 it is the size of the picture in 
the catalog.
I tatted this while taking apart a "mountain" in 
our room yesterday(I needed the break often!!).
Hope you are having a wonderful day!!! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Got packages today

I am not showing the plain boxes, but I received 
some of the things I have ordered to help me with 
craft show in October.  I ordered round earring hoops 
so I could make more of my dreamcatcher earrings, 
and they had neat little bead angels so I got those, 
I ordered clear boxes for my Cathedral Angels, and 
I ordered earring cards, and also ribbon for the 
wreaths I am finally putting together after many years!
Below is a picture of the white boxes I bought for the 
angels(I also have 5 of the 6 ordered delivered).
 Below is a picture of the clear boxes I just received.
I think these will be fabulous for the craft show.
 I need some snowflakes for the 2nd wreath(I have 
2 wreaths in progress).
This is Catrin from 20 Twenty to Make Tatted Snowflakes 
by Jennifer Williams.
 And, from the same book...this is Jan.
Hope your day is blessed with love and tatting!!! :)

Adding another snowflake to this post:
This is from the same book as the two above.
This is the Mary snowflake.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Actually using thread!!!

The other night I was working on a few 
more motifs for the tablecloth
 and noticed 
how small the ball of thread looked, 
well, I just had to show the size it 
used to be, and the size it is now.
I guess that mean I have made some progress.  ;)
Oh, and they are actually the same color.  Either 
way, the tablecloth will be dyed a darker color, but
I can get more thread this way cheaper than getting 
good thread already the color I want.  It's a long project!!
Have a wonderful day with tatting!!! :)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

2 More Angels

Well, I have 2 more angels ready.  I believe I have 
enough for the orders since I have orders for 6 and 
currently I have 9 on hand.
 The newest angel color is Lizbeth Blue Ice.
So, as of now I have 4 angel colors:
(all Lizbeth thread) Summer Fun, Cotton Candy,
Tropical Punch and Blue Ice.
I purchased size 80 White to add another choice.
I hope your weekend is going well, and that 
you are getting tatting done!! :)

Friday, August 3, 2018

Going to be in a Vendor/Craft Show in October

A ministry that we are part of is having a 
Vendor/Craft Show in October and I am 
going to join in!!!  First, I have heard how 
bad it's been for many who have attended 
Craft fairs and shows and had decided it 
might not be worth it, but since this is for 
a ministry that we are part of, it's worth 
This is what I have so far.  I have ends 
to sew in on many of the Ice Drops on 
the lower right, but that's ok.  I really 
don't have tons of time to do as much 
tatting as I would like due to the orders 
I need to fill, but since most are not 
due until December, I think I might be 
able to tat some things.  ;)
Have a wonderful day with tatting!!! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Continuously tatting away on the twin doilies.
Row 19 is now finished on both.  One has about 
1/2 the ends sewn in, and I am still working on 
angels(even got 2 more size 80 colors to add), a 
set of wings is waiting for the body of the dress.
 I NEEDED a changed which would be quick so 
I tried this cute Medallion with overlapping chains 
by Jennifer Williams  link here:  
 The first one turned out so pretty(and I corrected 
the error in the bottom).  It's not very big in size 
40 thread.  And then I decided to tat another(picture 
below) and it went so much quicker now that I 
know what I am doing!!!
Hope you are having a tatful day!!! :)