Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Expecting snow soon and can't wait, so I have another snowflake!! A tatted paperclip millipede(just kidding).

 Here is my snowflake hoping to have a match to it soon(have the center done, but accidentally cut the core thread-so taking a break to convince myself to continue).  This is December Motif- pattern here:  
Tatted in size 80  Lizbeth Snow White with petite glass beads.  These are going to be snowflake earrings.  My daughter says there are many people in the store where she is a cashier, admiring her tatted leaf earrings and dreamcatcher earrings, and someone asked if I could make snowflakes too.  Well, these are the best I have done!!!  :)

A tatted paperclip millipede(just kidding)......

A new technique to me which has given me lots of inspired ideas, but I have to write them down since I don't have time to experiment with them currently.
This is "Broomstick" Tatted Bookmark- pattern here:   
It is tatted in size 40 Tat-ilicious HDT Kaleidoscope with 2 square multicolor matching buttons.
The pattern didn't say to use the paperclips, that was my idea.
This was an interesting tat!!  And it's all mine(I know, I am selfish!!!)  :)

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Third Day of December ('s actually only October yet, but this is the name of the snowflake I tatted). :)

A few years ago I saw this awesome snowflake on the internet and really wanted to tat it.  Well....I bought the book 24 Snowflakes in tatting by Lene Bjorn and actually tried to tat it, but failed miserably!!!!  I quit and put it away.  Well, I have been looking for this book for several weeks trying to figure out where I placed it so that I could tat some snowflakes from it.  Today, something said to look in one of the plastic drawers and there it way.  Then, something said to tat this snowflake, so I did and actually succeeded this time!!!  :)  Guess I should just keep listening to that something which knew where the book was and that I could tat the snowflake this time.  :)
It's tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Snow White.  :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Still tatting here

Got beaded garland #2 (out of 4) done for my friend.  For those who don't know these are 18 feet long and I am tatting Lizbeth size 10 Cranberry Bush around these.  ***Hidden underneath is as "sneak peek" of another project I am working on.  :)
Have a great tatting day!!!  :)