Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 25 Motif Challenge: Motif #6 Sidekick Doily

Doily is done!! Size 10 Passionata Aunt Lydia's thread. It's from Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll.
My daughter has claimed it and already put to use. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just bracelets today

I have made this bracelet before(one just like the bottom one). It's called the Wandering Blooms Bracelet and the pattern is here:
I don't make it just like the one on the pattern, but it's close and from the pattern.
The top one is done in Lizbeth size 20 Black.
And this one is done in a HDT from Tatskool. It's Coral Reef size 40.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Requests getting done!! :)

Here are the suncatchers!! The top 2 are my mother-in-law's, the bottom rainbow is my friend's, and the last one is for me. :) Have a very happy day!!! :)
This is Sue Hanson's Val's Suncatcher:

Oh, and I should mention that the beads are all cheap plastic kids beads I have had for years(since my girls-who are all adults now-were young and making little "necklaces" and such).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Suncatchers catching on... :)

I made our oldest granddaughter a rainbow suncatcher.
This is Sue Hanson's Val's Suncatcher:

Then another..this for our youngest daughter(21). And as you can see it's hung already.

And my friend has requested a rainbow one. And my mother-in-law a rainbow one and a pink/purple/blue one. And this weekend when we surprised my mother-in-law with a birthday celebration she loved the bracelet I made her, and she saw the Valentine heart earrings I made and gave me $4 for them. The bracelet and one of the Valentine heart earrings is in this previous post: I am off to make another 3 suncatchers(sure am glad I bought many bangle bracelets!). :)
Have a great day everyone!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 25 Motif Challenge Motif # 5 Suncatcher

Oh my goodness this is pretty(to me). This is Sue Hanson's Val's Suncatcher:
It's made in a bangle bracelet and in size 40 Pink/Purple/Blue variegated HDT from Jess at: I love this gorgeous thread!!! And I think this will be a birthday gift for our youngest granddaughter and make another for her older sister, and I have a request from my youngest daughter(21) for a Rainbow-licious one.