Friday, October 19, 2018

A Purple Angel

At the Craft Show a lady asked if I had a purple angel 
and I said no I don't, but I can make one.  She said ok, 
and ordered 2 Blue Ice Angels also.
I had to order the Lizbeth size 80 Purple Iris Fusion 
thread and it made it here in record time, so I got busy 
and tatted her purple angel.  Her order is ready and 
waiting for her.
Have a wonderful tatting filled day!!! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Super Excited!!!!!!!!!!

I have just been accepted into another Craft Show for this year!!
Sat. Dec. 1.  This one is already established and according to the 
info. last year they had so many vendors that it was crowded, so 
I am expecting this one to be huge!!!
I have to get super busy with angels and whatever else I think will
sell. I think it will be hard to sleep tonight.
Have a blessed night!!!  :)

Monday, October 15, 2018

First Craft Show done

Well, we made it through our first Craft Show.
The Craft Show itself was a first also so it wasn't 
as big as many had hoped, but I am ok with that.
Here is our front display table.
 Below is our side table(luckily there was room).
Our friend does knitting and she brought some, 
another friend makes wooden keepsake boxes, 
and our daughter brought some of her books.
Oh, and the rack was large enough to display 
a Christmas wreath on each side(the blue one 
 And, we had the only touch of Christmas 
I saw, but it was the best way to display 
the tatted angels and Christmas Ice Drops.
Since we didn't figure on having electricity 
we used battery powered fairy lights.
For a double first I think we did well.
Hope you had a fabulous weekend and 
got your tatting in!!! :)
Now back to tatting work because I also 
received an order for 3 angels(one of 
which I had to order the thread this morning 
because she wants a purple angel.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Large Rainbow Cathedral Doily Suncatcher done

The design is Elaine P. Gan's Cathedral 
 I wanted a rainbow suncatcher and here it is!
It's in an 8in. ring.
 I used all Lizbeth size 40 thread. 
The colors are:  Christmas Red, Bright Orange,
Bright Yellow, Christmas Green,
Bright Blue Dk., and Purple Dk.
And lots and lots of 11/0 Preciosa Ornela glass beads.
This one is so fabulous!!  I just love how it turned 
out!!  Thank you to Elaine for her beautiful designs!!
Have a wonderful tatting filled day!! :)

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Final color of the rainbow about to be added

I worked on the second orange row last night, but 
I was super tired and not feeling great.  I finished 
this morning with some very beautiful sunshine 
showing through the suncatcher.
 Here it is on white paper.  When finished I will 
post all the color names.
Have a beautiful and blessed Saturday and Sunday!! :)
***Well, since no one has commented on this yet I  will 
add what I have gotten done since then.  I have the 
first row of red done(3 are the intention).  As you 
can see it is almost done!!! :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A little heartbreak to start today

I had both yellow rounds done when this morning 
I was ready to start orange and I noticed a major 
problem.  I had done both rows the same without 
realizing that I was not supposed to have beads on 
the second yellow round.  I need picots so the next 
round can join the rings to.  I cut off that round and 
have tatted it correctly and am currently ready to 
start orange.  I had also noticed that when I strung 
the orange beads, I forgot to put some on the shuttle 
for the rings, so....bead stringing was another thing 
I had to do.  Worse part is that I only had maybe 
4 hours of sleep, so my brain is somewhat off today.
Have a wonderful day and get some tatting time in!! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Green done, moving on to yellow next.

Continuing to work on the suncatcher(with a headache).
I have green now done and moving on to yellow.
 Just had to show the sparkle of the beads since we 
have a glimpse of sun between rain showers.
Have a great day tatting!!! :)