Thursday, March 16, 2023

Happy to be Test Tatting again!!!

I am test tatting for Elaine P. Gan again and so 
happy!!  I love her designs!  And I have test tatted 
for her for 9 years, and I learned about Elaine in 2013, 
so, it's been 10 years since I first started tatting her designs. 
Rows 1 and 2 of Dolce Doily:
And Row 3 now completed.
I am using size 40 thread and will wait till it's 
finished to reveal all the colors.  ;)
Have a terrific day and get some tatting time in!! :)


Saturday, March 11, 2023

Possible Christmas ornament

I bought silver and gold metal medallions and thought 
they would look great with tatting.  This is tatted with 
Lizbeth size 40 Angel's Love.  No actual pattern, just 
tatted.  I have several other ideas, but am trying to finish 
a few other projects(don't expect much control!!).
Hope you have a fantastic and tatting filled weekend!! :)


Monday, March 6, 2023

My first Dorset button!!

Well, it took me long enough to follow Diane(
into trying Dorset buttons.  It took me several hours to get this 
done, so adding tatting will be later.  I really like it!! :)  But, 
next time I think I will use a larger thread instead of size 40!!! 
I used Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy and Lilac Dk.

This was a break from 2 other projects:

I hope you are having a great week and tatting!! :)


Friday, March 3, 2023

I have been working on my Large Tatted Triangle Insert

Well, it's not perfect, but the first test tat is 
done.  I am on the second and making changes 
to stitch counts and such.  I want the center to 
lie flat if possible.  I wish I was a looser tatter 
because I think that is quite a bit of my problem.
But, the center on the one I am tatting now is a 
bit better and lays far.
These will be insert for the sides of my shirts 
at the bottom, just to give a looser fit for the 

Today our daughter and I went shopping, and 
decided to get in trouble going and looking 
around Hobby Lobby(just looking is trouble), 
well......we got into a bit more trouble by 
actually spending money.  ;)
Here is what I got:
The cashier said I did very well!!  :)
So, lots of new things to add tatting to, or add to 
tatting.  ;)
Hope you have a great weekend and have tatting 
time!!! :)


Friday, February 17, 2023

After 2 ladies fell in love with the red heart necklace....

I tatted a Lizbeth Rainbow Splash chain for a pink 
heart necklace.  Well, this one ended up claimed by 
one of the 2 who loved the red one, and she was 
wearing it Monday and Thursday.  She said how did 
you know fushia is my favorite color??  I didn't, but 
I am so glad she is so happy with it!!  :)
Hope you have a terrific weekend and get some 
tatting time in!!! :)


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Ready for Valentine's Day!

I am tatting some items as prizes for my 
mother-in-law's apartment complex Bingo 
games.  They are low-income seniors and 
they don't have much they get to do, so I 
figured it was a good way to start using some 
of my supplies to help someone smile.
I had these large heart beads and I wanted to 
tat a necklace for Valentine's Day for someone, 
so this was the perfect opportunity.
It's not my best tatting, just quick.  It's SSSR(single shuttle split rings)
 with chains around the outside.
I have tatted around a pink heart like this before.  
  I never tatted the chain for it.  Maybe 
I will have to find it and finish it!!  ;)
Hope you have a tatting filled day!! :)


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Almost February already

I just had to tat around this beautiful 
chevron amethyst teardrop cabochon!
But I wanted to keep the tatting simple 
so that the stone would take center stage. 
This is for me(I wore it Sunday).  :)
I can't capture the gorgeous color, but I tried 
with 2 pictures.  I used Lizbeth Purple Dk. size 40 
and some white and crystal seed beads to mimic 
the white chevron stripes.  If you know chevron 
means zigzag(ok, that is my explanation) you 
might be wondering where the other part of the 
"V" shape is...well, the point is on the side under 
the tatting, and the other half of the "V" is on 
the back of the stone.  It's so beautiful!!
Oh, for those wondering about the weird chain, 
I just finger crocheted a basic crochet chain. 

If you are wondering about these stones I have 
been tatting around, our daughter is into "crystals"
(semi precious stones).  She gets all kinds and some 
in shapes.  
She gave me several for Christmas so I could tat 
around them. Oh, I forgot to get pictures of 2 other 
stones which I kept for myself to tat around, but you 
will be seeing them(one is orange, and one is brown).

I don't know all the names of the stones, but I know 
a few.  The first 2 teardrops are amethyst, the last 
teardrop is rose quartz.
Some are red jasper, some are tiger eye, and most I 
do not know.  I just know what is pretty to me, and 
what isn't, and many of these are not for me, but I 
know others will like them.  I just think the ones 
that are not for me are pretty cool!  ;)

She gave me these  below quite awhile ago with 
the agate slices I tatted around recently.

And here are the some shapes that I liked and kept. 
The elephant is a druzy elephant it has a small pocket 
of tiny crystals near it's back.  Then I have a clear 
quartz butterfly and very tiny angel, and my beautiful 
sparkly blue heart.
So, you will be seeing more tatting embellished stones 
this year amidst other projects. 
I hope you all have a fabulous tatting filled week!! :)
For those in the Tollway Tatters, this Saturday is our 
next get together.  I can't wait!! :)