Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tatting while homeless....

I have been blessed with being able to access 
the internet while homeless and pretty much 
keep up with blogs I follow.
I have recently had plenty of time to work on the 
Cathedral Doily I was test tatting for Elaine P. Gan.
It's tatted in size 40 Lizbeth(from the center out) 
Purple Splendor, Wildflower Garden, Coral Splash, 
Pineapple Parfait, Sea Island Citrus, and Juicy Watermelon.
I have to sew in ends and will be working on that, 
but blocking will have to wait until we have a home.  
No photo description available.
Next, I have gotten back to the tablecloth again. 
I know the motif pattern by heart and I am thankful 
for a project that is just tatting along(no beads, no 
needed pattern, and not much concentration- although, 
some concentration needed and last night I proved that!!).
For those wondering if you search my blog you will 
find all the details(I am too lazy to go find them myself 
today).  ;)
The picture below shows the progress I have made 
between yesterday(7 added motifs) and today(2 more).
I put stitch pins in to show them.  They are kind of 
hard to see, but I have a picture to show at least.
No photo description available.
I have to thank our wonderful daughter who is enduring 
this "adventure" with us for taking the pictures and 
posting them for me on my facebook so I could copy 
and paste them here for everyone to see that I am still 
Also, I have signed up for 3 craft shows(so far) to 
be held in Nov. & Dec.  I had set my goal to be in 
6 craft shows this year.  One that I really want to be 
in is proving to be a challenge to just contact someone 
even though the past coordinator gave me her info. 
Hope you are having an awesome day and getting 
plenty of tatting in!!  :)
Will post again when I have more progress or just 
great news!!  ;)

Friday, July 12, 2019

Still tatting

No tatting to show because I cannot use my computer while homeless.
We have been in the process of getting a home on our own land, but 
the process has put us in a major bind and we are now homeless, but 
spending tons to stay in a hotel at the moment.
I am tatting on the Cathedral Doily I started test tatting.  I am on 
row 32 of 33(if I remember correctly).
I hope things improve drastically and soon so that I can show you
the doily.
Have a wonderful tatting filled day and weekend!!! :)