Saturday, March 30, 2013

Still tatting along.....

I made these 2 suncatchers quite some time back, but didn't get them on the rings.  The first is size 40 Lizbeth Blue Ice with cheap beads and a snowflake doodad in the center.  The second is size 60 Tatskool's HDT Flame Lantana with crystallized Swarovski Elements bicone beads.  These 2 are for me!!!
 Next....I have finished round 5 on my green project and even sewed in the ends(a major first for me!!!).  I am now ready to add the final touch and prayerfully this will be awesome when done!!!  :)
**Don't expect it done this weekend though**  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Green project continues to grow.

Still working on my green gift!!  And my smaller secret projects too!  :)

Had this outer round finished last night and almost cried when I actual calmed down from the excitement of getting this round done, and found out that I had missed a join.  I cut out the section up to the missed picot and had to tie all the threads together and hide 4 ends and try and finish it again.  Let me just say, that I was too upset last night after cutting, that it sat all night and I worked on it today and finished that round again.  :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Green project still growing. :)

Finished another round
(still have to hide ends, but that may wait till the whole thing is completed-depending).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Next round to green project. :)

Plenty to do today, but I had time to get this next round done!!  I am getting used to getting these beads in.  And I hope to get more done tonight, or to work on my project that I cannot show(the one with lots of small items).   Have an awesome day everyone!!!  :)

Tat Days information needed

I just saw this morning on IsDihara's blog that Tat Days are in Sept.  And I found out that it's in Georgia.  My husband's dad lives in Georgia and he wants to visit him and that would give us both something to do there.
   I would like to know what all the costs are, how close lodging is and restaurants, and what you do there.  
I like to have all the details and costs before considering long trips.  :)  Anything else I should know, please let me know.  :)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The start of a new project...

This is the start of a gift I am making for a friend who loves green.  Can't wait to see the finished project emerge, but that will take some time since I am not used to placing beads in the center of rings.  I  am using Yarnplayer's video(  ) to achieve this look.  I had to modify it a bit to put the beads in sideways so I would be able to make the joins at the top of the rings.  I think it looks pretty good for my first time.  Now if the rest of it turns out as good.  :)

Still tatting along.....

I have been tatting!  My daughter asked for crosses for ladies at her church and she picked out the colors for each lady.  So here are 7 Heritage Crosses
They are all tatted in size 40 thread.  First is Lizbeth Purple Iris Fusion, second: Lizbeth Peacock Blues, 
third : Lizbeth Angel's Love, fourth: Tatskool's HDT Coral Reef, fifth: Lizbeth Bright Orange, 
sixth: Lizbeth Girly Girl, seventh: Lizbeth Island Breeze.
I have also been working on another project (60 smaller items), 
but I won't be able to show them for quite some time,
 because some who will be receiving them might see them here, but I will post them once they are given out.  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tatting(my escape!!) :)

Well, with things getting crazier in my life I just couldn't take it any longer....I needed an escape!!!  So, yesterday I finished my escape and noticed my mistakes.  :)   
This is the Fandango Button Snowflake by Jane Eborall-link here:
It's tatted in size 20 60's Blast HDT from my friend Cheryl, glass beads, 
and a button from Diane(Lace-lovin' Librarian).
I have tatted the Fandango edging before and liked it, but I got messed up on this from the beginning and I think I tatted the pattern backward(don't ask), and miscounted my beads, and joined where I wasn't supposed to...any other mistakes I just don't want to know about.  :)  
Either way, I think it's kinda pretty!!  :)   Sorry about the scan(I hate this newer scanner)!