Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"Floating" tatting

 Our daughter was trying to keep busy during a 
medical appointment she brought me to, so she 
ended up "looking" through the Dollar Tree near 
She found these 4in. x 4in. photo frames.
I saw someone who had placed tatting in some 
similar frames and she knew at one point I had 
been looking for some, so when she spotted these 
she got 2 for me to try.

I took 2 views to give you an idea of how the tatting
looks like it's floating.

Now I have to get good at centering!  ;)
Have a wonderful week of tatting!!! :)


Saturday, August 14, 2021


 It's funny, if I check the blogs using Google who is the creator of the blogs, well,

it won't allow me to comment, but if I use Firefox I don't have a problem, so I will 

use Firefox to check my Google blog from now on.  ;)

I should have some posts soon because our daughter and I are getting prepared to 

be in 2 and now possibly 3 craft shows in November and December.  We are 

Have a wonderful tatting filled weekend everyone!!! :)