Wednesday, May 19, 2021

I think I have tatting ADHD....

Tempted by Pamela Myers and Diane(Lace Lovin' 
Librarian)!!!  They are tatting around "donuts" and 
they are creating such beautiful items that I got 
tempted!!!  I ordered some donuts online.  These are 
glass, and my first ones I didn't really pay attention 
to size and these are really tiny.  I used size 80 thread 
and tiny seed beads.

It's so cute!  :)
I have my shuttle(in the same color scheme) next 
to it for size comparison.
And below, I placed a nickel next to it.  When it 
sits on the nickel they are basically the same size.

And I got Millefiori donuts(about the size of a 
quarter) and tried one today.  I used size 40 thread.
It's such an autumn color scheme.  The donut is 
actually transparent, but I couldn't get a good 
picture while holding it up.
And...look what finally arrived after the mail took 
a scenic detour!!!  Yarnplayer's new Solar Flare!!!
I can't wait to figure out what to tat with it!!!
I have also been tatting another rainbow suncatcher.
I goofed and somehow ended up with the wrong 
purple(compared to all those I have tatted before), 
but it's gonna stay!
And, a few more flowers on my Spring Doily.  I 
am tatting 1 at a time(which has ended up 4 in a day, 
or 2 in a day, but at least one here and there!).
Well, I hope you are all very blessed and getting 
your tatting in!!! :)


Friday, May 14, 2021

The slowest Spring Doily ever????

Well, I have tatted flower #9!!!
I am so slow!! I am still on round 13. I am giving
 it full attention, but haven't tatted more than 4 in 
one sitting yet.  That's ok, I am not in a race and 
I want it to look great!!  ;)

I hope you are all doing well on whatever you are 
tatting and that you have a tatting filled weekend!!!


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A little more bargain shopping

This first picture is of the items I got while out 
yesterday for another medical test in the "big" city.  ;)
I found these cute mermaid wall decorations on clearance 
at Hobby Lobby(of course, where else??).  They will be 
a birthday gift for our younger granddaughter when she 
comes next weekend for her first official mermaid swim 
with all the mermaids in our daughter's mermaid pod.
Then I found these wonderful cross charms and have a 
project that I hope they will "spice" up with their great 
sparkle!  I needed more gold earring hooks and since they 
were 50% off I got them(oh the crosses were too). Next, 
I have a friend who wondered how big the rings get that 
I use for my suncatchers.  The large one shown here is the 
largest they have at Hobby Lobby and it's 19 inches. I got 
the smaller ones to have on hand for some 6 inch sun-
Below shows the rings together for size- 4,5,6,8,10 & 19 
inch rings.  The pen tip points to my 8 inch.
Here is how they look a little more centered.  ;)
Hope you have a wonderful tatting day!!! :)


Friday, May 7, 2021

Slowly paying full attention!!!!

I am NOT rushing this row!!!  I have gotten 5 repeats 
tatted and am very slowly making my way around!

I have some new "toys" to play with and have made 
a start.  I was inspired by the beautiful tatting from 
Lacy Treasures on facebook:
I won't show pictures because I told her since it's 
her design and she has allowed me to tat a similar 
idea that I won't put it online, but go check out her 
beautiful work.  She is from Alaska.
Here are the "toys" I spoke of.  Earrings with rings 
to attach  tatting to and some beads for a project I 
started way back in the hotel and only tatted one.  So, 
there will be new things in my future--hopefully!!!
And, our daughter and I went out yesterday on 
and errand and since my in-laws were not home 
we went and visited Hobby Lobby and the Dollar 
Tree.  Above are the Hobby Lobby purchases all 
were 50% off.  Below are my Dollar Tree purchases 
of course all $1.
I have packs of blank cards to use as thinking of you 
cards to brighten our Sunday seniors' days!!!
I found these new to me Life Saver packs!!  Raspberry, 
Pineapple, and Watermelon!!!
And Precious Moments(I love!!!) cute character 
coloring books!

And, then when we got home I received a DVD I 
have waited a year for the price to come down on!
It was $50 used on Amazon for so long and it came 
down to around $10 and I bought it right away!!
And, our daughter received her package and 
it was 2 "smart" hula hoops.  She is a larger 
girl and needed 2 to make one for her, but it 
left enough for 1 for me.  So, we used these 
odd hula hoops for some fun!!! Mine is in the box 
below that one.  ;)

Well, now that I have bored you with our fun day, 
I hope you have an awesome tatting filled day!!! :)


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Back to tatting!

I haven't tatted as much lately.  Lots of 
stresses, and I didn't want to tat while 
stressed and mess things up!!!
So, the tatting that I have done has been 
adding a motif at a time to the tablecloth.
I finally got this mermaid suncatcher done!
I am so happy with it.  The design will need 
work cuz' it sags a little in the center, but it's 
ok.  I love how pretty it is in size 40 Lizbeth 
Coral Splash(my friend, Denise's new favorite!)!!
This suncatcher is 6 inches.
I wish the cameras could have captured all the 
beauty while in the sunlight!  The center glows 
as you can see, and the tiny yellow beads show 
up, but the large beads don't show their brilliant 
glow as much as they do in real life!!
Either way, I am pleased with it being another 
Hope the start of your week has gone well, 
and that you are tatting along!! :)