Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Christmas doily done!!!

 It's 25 inches across(an inch over 2 feet across).

I used size 10 cuz' I wanted it big, and the Lizbeth 
Christmas specialty pack I bought was size 10. ;)
Mistakes and all it's great!!! :)
Have a wonderful tatting day!!!  :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Christmas doily done and being blocked

 Imperfections galore, but mine so it's ok!!! :)
Pattern info here: 
Tatted in size 10 Lizbeth Christmas specialty pack 
all 5 colors.
I really love it.  I made the same missed join about 13 
times around the outer row which for some reason 
really challenged me and it's only a basic rings and 
chains design, but it really challenged me for some 
odd reason.

Muskaan, I spy hearts in the outermost red section.  ;)

It will be displayed this Christmas for sure!!!
Happy Tatting everyone!!! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Christmas Doily update

 I told myself that after all the holiday stuff was
settled down and done I would get to work to
finish this doily.  So, I did a little, but have had 
trouble as I said in my last post.  Well....trouble 
hasn't ended, but I am pushing through anyway!
In the last couple of weeks I have made significant 
progress and am pleased with me, but not the work.
Oh well, it's going to continue as is!!!
It's approx. 21 inches across and will NEED 
severe blocking when finished!!!

I took the picture below to show you the size.  
It's one full cushion on our loveseat. 

Pictures aren't the best because I am no real 
photographer and I only have the Christmas lights 
on(they are my usual lights!!)  ;)
Hope you are having a great tatting filled week!!!  :)