Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sanctification Cross

This is the Sanctification Cross from Elaine P. Gan.  It's tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Rainbow Splash.  It's for my mother-in-law's new husband.  He said he wanted a "pretty" cross.  Never tempt me, I love to actually fulfill the wish if I can.  :)
Oh, this cross and the blue one from the last post are only about the size of my thumb.  Tiny but very nice.  Guess I should use larger threads???  Nah, I like little things too.  :)
Working on finding something to block my 2014 Spring Doily on.  I have some foam pads, but can't find them(of course!).  When I do the doily will be blocked and posted!
Have a great tatting day!!!  :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tatting happening

These 4 dangles were tatted for a request.  I usually have larger rainbow crosses on them, but the person wanted small crosses.  They turned out ok.
 Next is the Eternal Love Cross from Elaine P. Gan tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Niagara Falls.
This one is for my mother-in-law.
 Next is for another of our seniors on Sunday night.  It's a cross pattern I found online when I first started tatting 5 years ago and it doesn't say the site name or anything so I don't know whose cross pattern it is.  It's tatted in size 40 Lizbeth Angel's Love.
I have finished my Renulek's Spring Doily 2014 finally and have most of the ends sewn in.  When all are sewn in and it's blocked I will post it.  :)
Have a happy tatting day!!!  :)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Addicted beyond my control!!!

Yep, totally addicted!!! (story below)
Well.......I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get lanyard hooks for a project that a group I am in 
is working on.  I got the 300 lanyard hooks and decided to look a little(yah right!).
Well, going down the yarn row was ok(since I am not a knitter or crocheter that is fine), but then there was a small rack on the end of a row that had Lizbeth threads and beads on clearance. I looked at the prices and said....I am going to buy these out(I left some beads for someone else, but all the threads are with me(10 of them, 5 size 20 and 5 size 80).  Got some really good deals on them all, but feeling a bit guilty since I know I didn't NEED any of them!!  I looked for more Clover shuttles, but apparently they are no longer carrying them.  They did have their normal Lizbeth size 20, and then the 80, but they also had a few size 3.  Too bad they don't carry a bigger selection of colors and all the sizes!!!  Oh well....not sure how I will justify any new purchases for long while.
  I am hoping to spend more time on my 2014 Spring Doily today, I am about 1/2 way around.
Have a happy tatting day!!!  :)

Just did a quick figure on what I saved...$28.58....awesome!!  :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tatting along as time allows

I still have to sew in the ends to this cross, but it's finished being tatted.
This is for a very nice man in our senior group who told me his favorite color was kind of different from most people.  He said he likes yellow and white.  
So I used size 40 Lizbeth Pineapple Parfait for this.
And...I am working on the final round of the 2014 Spring doily and have 10 out of 25 repeats done.  My husband is hoping it will be done before this weekend.
Have a great time tatting!!!  :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Ok, only one more round to go(even though I think it's awful beautiful like this!!).
I tatted every time I got the chance today and finished this round just before running out of sunlight.
Hope you had tatting time today!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yes, I have been tatting.....somewhat.

With little bits of time to tat I have gotten back to my 2014 Renulek's Spring Doily.
This round is finally getting close to the finish line and then only one more round.
I have worked on the 4 dangles I need and got one done so I have 3 more to go, and then several crosses(I am guessing 7-10) still needed, but no time line on those.  And hopefully time to work on stuff for me, but who knows when that will be.  :)
Great tatting out there everyone!!!  Have a happy tatting day!!  :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A little tatting to show.

Inspired and tatted from Robin Perfetti's Priscilla Cross and Square pattern, I have the Priscilla Mini Square.  Since I just noticed that it's not all equal, I think it would look better on the diagonal either direction, but when scanning I thought I needed to make it square.  :)
I just used up the thread on the shuttle to make it.
Hope you had some good tatting today!!!  :)