Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Can you guess....

What I am tatting???  ;)
 Our daughter got me a cheap "spirograph" from the 
dollar store for Christmas and I played a bit.  I made 
a Christmas wreath(on the top right-below) and just 
random other designs.

The tatting above is almost complete now, but I have 
a project in mind and am not feeling well enough to 
finish it today, so...just wait and see.
Have a wonderful tatting filled day!!! :)

Saturday, December 28, 2019

"Playing" with Treble Tatting today

Not what I thought I would tat, but I like the design.
It needs work, but we shall see if this is the end or 
not.  ;)
Hoping your day is filled with love and tatting!!! :)

Friday, December 20, 2019

A tiny variation

I wanted to tat another angel ring-
pattern here:  http://westpinecreations.blogspot.com/2017/10/pattern.html
I changed it just a bit.
Love how pretty it is in person!!!
Have a fabulous Christmas!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2019

3 Crosses and 3 slab pies

I needed 3 more crosses for some "new" 
seniors who have joined us on Sunday nights.
First is Mercy cross from Elaine P. Gan in 
size 20 Lizbeth Black.
 Next is Maria cross from Tatted Bookmarks 
cross-shaped by Lene Bjorn in size 40 
Lizbeth Caribbean.
 Last is Eternal Love cross from Elaine P. Gan 
in size 40 Lizbeth Pink Blossoms.
And, while trying to get those finished I made 
3 slab pies(my first ever).
Apple Snowflake
 Blueberry Christmas Tree
 Cherry Bells
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!! :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Tatting here, Tatting there.....

Tatting, tatting everywhere!!!!
Ok, so I am back into tatting!!!
I started last night while "in" the Online Tatting 
Design Class, working on my design project at my 
computer desk(it was a change since I tat sitting on 
the floor).  ;)
Info for this project will come later.
 I also have several tatting supplies next to the couch...
 and at the other end of the couch...
 and last night I added more to the everywhere which 
is right in front of the Christmas tree.
I need 3 crosses for seniors on Sunday nights.  I ask 
them their favorite color and do my best to surprise 
them with a cross in a variegated thread with that 
color, but this is a first-one man's favorite color is 
black(small cross on the right side near the tree 
skirt).  ;)  I have a pink cross and a blue cross to 
tat next.
 I love "tatted" shadows!!!  This is a clear glass 
ornament tatted in Lizbeth Christmas Delight.  I 
was tatting by cell phone flashlight when I noticed 
this fabulous shadow!!  ;)
 And this pretty shadow of a metal snowflake 
ornament I have.  I think some day I may try to 
tat that whole design.  ;)
Well, got lots to do today, so have a wonderful day 
and get some tatting in, maybe even some 
everywhere!!! :)

Monday, December 9, 2019

Tatting Books, Craft Show, teen girls

Saturday was the last craft show for this year for me.
I had my friend, Peggy, join me.  She knits dishcloths
with pictures or patterns, and scarves, and she crochets 
towel tops, and even knits some patterned dishcloths 
to match some of the towels for a set.
Next, was my friend, Mary Anne(said more like Marianna),
who makes these adorable dolls, and "doll" jewelry stands.
Of course I was there...
 And our daughter, Sarah, joined me again.  She had 
some of her Christmas wreaths and a few autumn 
centerpieces along.
 A lady came by our booth last year and said she 
wished she had known I would be there with tatting 
because she had some tatting books and would have 
given them to me.  Well, at the craft show a lady came 
by and said "I have something for you."  And I said, 
you do??  and she said "I saw you last year and told 
you I have tatting books and that I would have given 
them to you.  I have them out in my car and will get 
them after seeing what else is here."  I was shocked 
when she came back with an arm load of books!!!
This is the whole pile spread out.
 I have all the ones in the picture below already, so 
these will go to help other tatters.
 I don't have these below, so they will hang around.
 Our older granddaughter and her best friend came and 
spent the weekend entertaining us and helping with the 
craft show.  I was serenaded by a flute duet, and had 
wresting, tickling, and handshake matches going on. 
Lots of fun and cocoa!!!!!

It was a very busy and eventful weekend!!!
Hope you had a great weekend filled with lots of
love and tatting!!! :)