Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Inspired by an awesome design......still have lots of trying to get what I envision. :)

Remember this awesome bookmark from not too long ago???  
Well.....being bored in my mind and needing something to change routine tonight, I sat and drew out this(although it was different in the drawing of course).  I envision something different, but so far my daughter and husband both love this!!  My daughter says it looks like a special water lily type flower that God put His print on.  I was going for a broomstick lace cross and have lots of work to achieve it, but this is quite interesting.  It's not very big..maybe about 2 inches tall.
Have a wonderful tatting time(when you can!!)!!!!  :)
And for those in the winter storm areas......stay safe and warm!!!  :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Tatting, test tatting, and knitting for me. :)

I have been tatting along, around everything in life.
I am only giving a glimpse of the tablecloth I have been tatting,  hiding the secret project.
According to my count I have over 200 motifs on the tablecloth already(sounds crazy to me).
Oh, while I was sitting in a mall tatting on my secret project Wednesday,  a lady came buy and asked what I was doing.  She is older than I am and had never heard of tatting.  She said she loved what I was making and she was very interested in it, so interested that when she came back by, I had to write Tatting on a paper for her, and Handy Hands Tatting for her to look up, and shuttles. 
 I hope she gets into it!  :)

The next 2 pictures are test tatting pieces for Elaine P. Gan from Test Tatters on Facebook.  

Here is the daughter is making me a blanket.  It's all straight knitting and it's 300 stitches across.  I wanted a blanket, not a throw and since the throws are around 100-150 stitches I asked if she could double it and make it large!!
 It's a fleece type yarn which I love!!!
 And it looks like it might be wider than the loveseat(it's on circular needles so we can't lay it out to see yet).  :)    It's MINE!!!
And this is the gorgeous scarf she is making for me.  It's a beginner pattern and it's knitting and purling.  I love the design and the colors!!!  Can't wait to use it!!!  :)

Here is a close up of the design and colors knitted.

Here is a picture of the yarn(love the watercolor look).  This brand of yarn has several other colors I love too and might be asking for more scarves or something.  My daughter says it seems like this is taking longer than the blanket cuz' the yarn is far thinner than the blanket yarn, but I assured her this is regular type yarn and she has gotten used to the thicker yarns.  :)
 Have an awesome day!!!  And if you are anywhere near Michigan...try and stay warm!!!  :)