Thursday, July 26, 2018

Tatting along...........

The twin doilies have row 18 of 33 done now(plenty 
of ends need sewing in!!!).
Looking from above I see a spiral swirl in the left
one!!  ;)
 My tatting area on the livingroom floor is pretty 
clean and organized at the moment-trying to fulfill 
orders for these doilies and for angels!!
It's cleaned up because our granddaughters were 
here last  weekend and I didn't want to have a
disaster happen to my tatting projects(play gets a
bit rough some times), and they have been home
since Monday. we figured out how we could video chat 
and I got a kick out of it when the younger one saw 
me tatting while chatting and I hear "Yay Grandma's 
tatting!!!!"  ;)  That's enough to make you smile!!!
Have a truly wonderful day, and I hope you get 
some tatting in!!! :)

Monday, July 23, 2018

Granddaughter invasion

Well, our older granddaughter decided to take up 
tatting again.  She re-learned quickly and has rings, 
picots, joins and chains achieved.
She wanted to take her tatting home and hopefully 
teach her friend too, so I had to come up with a way 
for her to keep it all together and organized.
 I believe her mother gave us these little tubs with 
candy in for Christmas several years ago, and I kept 
them to use later somehow.  Well, it works great!!
And the lids snaps on securely!!  ;)
Well, after a hard maybe half hour of tatting.....
 and after a hard half hour of being bored while 
grandma and sister worked on tatting.....
Well, it's time to head toward their home(YIKES-
don't tell them, they are not happy about going home!)
Have a wonderful day of tatting and hopefully love!! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Yesterday I had to take a friend to the pain clinic 
for her appointment.  These appointments are 
usually around 2 hours or so.  Well, I had packed 
up my doily to take along and tat, but, I grabbed 
my purse which was sitting right next to the tatting 
and walked out assured that I was prepared and on 
time.  Yep....NOPE!!!  I got there to pick her up 
and realized that I had forgotten my tatting.  Oh 
well, life goes on.  She says, oh no! you will have 
to just sit there the whole time(totally disappoint-
ed for me).  I assured her I would survive.
Well, when she got called back to the doctor I 
saw a lady knitting and moved over to a seat
near her and asked what she was knitting.  She 
said it was a baby blanket for the local pregnancy 
center.  I told her I would be tatting, but I made 
a mistake and forgot it at home.  Well, she asked 
about tatting and was really interested, when I 
remembered I had and Ice Drop( right one in 
the picture below), and I took it out and she really
like it so I gave it to her.
She was so surprised that I would give it to her, 
she stopped and then grabbed these beautiful little
scissors out of her bag and said here.  I said, but 
you will need those, she said, don't worry, I have 
another pair(and showed me the other pair).
She was so sweet! So, now I have new tatting 
scissors!!  ;)
I have gotten another angel done for the orders 
I have.  And I am continuing to tat those twin 
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Another test tatted angel

This is Elaine P. Gan's Guardian Angel.
Test tatted in size 80 she is super small.
 Here is the Guardian and the Cathedral Angels 
side by side, both in size 80.
Will tat another Guardian in a larger size.
Hope your day is super blessed!!! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Tropical Punch Angel

Lizbeth size 80 Tropical Punch.  I love 
the bright beauty of this angel!!
Have a wonderfully tat-tilled day!!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Needed a cross

I needed a cross tatted for another senior, 
and I found 2 already tatted sitting aside 
so I have 3 for seniors who haven't gotten 
a cross from me yet.
 The twin doilies have row 16 done.  
I took the picture to show how they curl up like a 
bowl after each row is tatted.  And then have to 
be made to lie flat( I just push and stretch a little 
and sometimes lay something on top overnight).
 Here they are next to my Cathedral Doily to 
compare row 16 to row 26.
Have a wonderful tat-filled day!!! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Angels, angels, and more angels to come!!!

Well, I now have orders for 8 angels.
I want a variety of colors for people to 
choose from, so the 3rd color of angel is 
here:  Lizbeth Cotton Candy(size 80).
 Here is Summer Fun, and Cotton Candy angels.
 And, here is size 40 Blue Ice angel.
I am busy working on angels and doilies yet!!!
I am also trying to figure out packaging for the 
angels, and if I should stiffen them.......
Well, too much thinking and tatting going on!
Have a wonderful day!!! :)

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Tatting(me) and fishing(him)....

Ok, so....I am working on tatting another angel 
while out with hubby fishing.  This one is tatted 
in size 40 Lizbeth Blue Ice.
 I finished it at the first fishing spot and compared 
it here to the size 80 Lizbeth Summer Fun.
 And here was our first fishing view.  First I was 
told it was a lake, then later I was told it was a river, looked like a lake to me, and there were 
tons of boats and jet skis out today!!!
 The greenery on the left in the picture above was a 
small area and so I went on the left side of it and 
took the picture below.  Let me say, I wish I could 
have taken a picture of the whole 180 degree scene 
it was beautiful!!!  :)
I have tatted since I got home and have over half 
way around one of the twin doilies round 16 done.
Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday and happy tatting!!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Cathedral doily update

Row 26 done and it's about 14 1/2 inches across.
Again, it is being tatted in size 40 Lizbeth threads.
 The twins are ready for row 16(top of the picture).
I think I am making ok progress on them.
 We have friends who have gone fishing with my 
hubby for years, but one has cancer and isn't able 
to go any longer, and the other passed away last 
week, so....I felt it would be good to go keep my 
hubby company from now on, or until the Lord 
sends another fishing buddy for him.  Here is the 
view from yesterday morning.
 It was quite windy, but he caught two fish.  The 
first one didn't want to stick around when caught 
so I didn't get a picture, but....
 I got this one, was the larger one.
 I was able to get some of row 26 on the doily above 
tatted while out there, and then when I got home I 
started another angel.  This one is in size 40(the 
others have been size 80) Lizbeth Blue Ice.  I have
orders for 3 more angels, and, if another lady likes 
the Blue Ice she said she will order some.  So, 
now I have the twin doilies and 6(so far) angels 
to have ready by Dec. 1.  Thankfully that is a little 
ways away, but it will come quickly!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!
Hope you have all had time to tat!!! :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Still busy!!!

I am still busy tatting the twin doilies and have row 
15 done on one and starting on the next.  I am also 
still working on the 3 angels, but I have 3 done in 
the same color so I am ready to move on to another 
I really needed a change of color and design so I 
decided an Ice Drop was a quick enough diversion.
So, this is Nicola Bowersox's pattern from Ice Drop 
Addicts page on facebook.  All in red!!!
 The other evening I spotted these fabulous pink & 
blue stripes in the eastern sky......
 and this gorgeous sunset in the western sky!!  It's 
amazing how the sky can look so different looking 
out one side of the house, and then the other!!!
I will post doily updates soon, but figured I have 
posted plenty of the same thing for awhile, and 
since they are just rows and rows of chains I thought 
I would just give a written update.  ;)
Have a wonderful 4th of July and fun tatting!!! :)