Saturday, November 21, 2020

Starting another Pop Top Ice Drop and my first knitted blanket done!!!!

Our daughter loved that last Pop Top Ice Drop and 
wanted one in red, white and green for Christmas. 
All I had was size 20, so I have made the start, but 
considering the thread is larger I thought there would 
 be less rings, but instead there is one more.  I am 
using Diane's stitch count this time and it should 
have only 6 rings, but I guess I can't read or some-
thing.  ;)
Either way, it's looking good.  I actually already 
have 4 outer points done.
Also, she wanted another one done in Lizbeth Blue 
Ice and it's already in slow process in size 40.  ;)

For those who might have wondered about my
knitted can tell I know
nothing of knitting and that as a beginner I go BIG!!!!!
When Sarah started this many years ago we searched
and most afghans were 150 stitches across, so since
I wanted a large blanket not a silly throw or afghan.
We decided 300 stitches would double the width and
make a blanket. Well, I guess the math doesn't work
out with knitting cuz' the finished blanket is 5ft. 7in.
and almost 16 feet wide. Now, I wish it was "taller"
and less wide, but....we now know.
At least I will be warm!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are the pictures of it folded in half and extra on
our queen sized bed. I sleep on the right side and you
can see it has a pile of blankets on it, but I think this may solve
the pile.

It's a challenge to fold!!!!

Tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Christmas Delight. I don't know
how with the larger size thread I ended up with one more
ring than the last one tatted in size 40, and still both
having double or more than the pattern which has only 6.
I can't wait for our daughter to see it since it's hers by request.
And 2nd picture is side by side with the first one.
3rd picture to show another request in progress.
I hope you are have a wonderful Sunday and 
getting tatting in!! :)



West Pine Creations said...

Very Pretty

Jane McLellan said...

Oh goodness, that’s a very large blanket! A big achievement. You’re not a beginner any more! The pop tops look really good. Funny how the size of thread doesn’t always make much difference to the number of rings needed.

Jane McLellan said...

Oh goodness, that’s a very large blanket! Well done. Looks as though folding it over is a good idea. You’re not a beginner after that! The pop tops are great, no wonder your daughter wants more of them.

Margarets designer cards said...

Having knitted a cover for a bed in squares I know the problems and I feel your pain.
Beautiful christmas decorations

God's Kid said...

Thank you all!! :)

muskaan said...

You've done it!!! What a gorgeous bedspread - looks very cozy and snuggly.
You are now a proud knitter!

God's Kid said...

Thank you so much muskann!!! I have learned a lot, but I think I will stick with tatting and maybe knit once in awhile!! :)