Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tatting for Pirates and Mermaids?? Yep!

Our daughter is a pirate.
 In a pirate crew.
 And....she is also a mermaid
They are a group of enthusiasts who enjoy pirate 
historical lore and culture, fantasy and reenactments. 
Mermaids, fairies, wizards, witches, gypsies and other 
mythical creatures are part of the fantasy enactments. 
They have sword fights, jousting tournaments, archery 
competitions.  They attend several events a year and 
from time to time they have a vending booth which 
they have asked me to supply some tatted items for 
this year.
So....our daughter is my adviser as to what to make.
We have started with mermaid bracelets.  I have 
seen some pictures online which look like mermaid 
scale bracelets and then sat down and guessed how to 
make them.
Below I used size 10 Lizbeth Latte Foam and tatted 
2 of the bracelet below.  I think it looks like sand.
I am considering finding a way to add a shell, or
starfish, or small sand dollar to some.
 Next, I had this HDT(hand dyed thread) from 
Dewdrops and Daydreams(no longer around) called 
Easter Egg Hunt.  I don't usually use my HDT for 
things like this, but our daughter really thought this 
would be great for the mermaids, especially young 
mermaids(kids join in too apparently).   Our older 
granddaughter(who participates with her dad in 
medieval fests) says I need to make some with beads.
 And, next it was suggested to make some cuff bracelets 
and I had size 3 Lizbeth Autumn Spice, and I started 
one idea and ended up with this idea, which....
 you can wear upside down or right side up depending 
on your mood for a different look.  ;)
Well, I have more tatting for the pirates and mermaids, 
and another 3-D Tatting Design project to work on, 
so....I guess I will say, have a great tatting day!!! :)


Judith Connors said...

I love your cuffs/bracelets, in different colours to suit your mood or costume.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Judith!! :)

StringyDogs said...

The fish scales are especially delightful.

Never under estimate the pull of cos-play. It is fun.

God's Kid said...

Thank you!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Gorgeous bracelets, love the colours

God's Kid said...

Thank you!! :)