Monday, August 20, 2018

Tollway Tatters

 Starting out for Tollway Tatters Saturday morning 
and this beautiful moon(although, I thought it was
the sun, but Richard said it was too early-7:30am)
 Diane and Denise were there first and then I joined 
them, and then Carrie joined us.
Diane and Denise had goodies for us.
 I worked on my Cathedral Doily and from the time 
I started this row(27 of 33) till the time I got home 
I got about 1/2 the row done(too much talking -maybe).
 Denise worked on Ice Drop turtles.
Notice the tatting design on her bag on the lower 
left corner.
 A closer up view of the first 2 of 3 turtles.
 These are Denise's current projects.
 Here is Denise tatting away.
 Diane was working on her beautiful doily.
 Carrie was working on these wonderful hair clips 
for a friend who was getting married.
 Carrie busy tatting away.
 Carolyn(in the center) joined us later.  She brought
lots and lots of stuff.
 Here are some of her very beautiful Ice Drops and 
snowflakes(I absolutely LOVE the Christmas 
colored snowflakes!!! :)
 Here are the four ladies busy tatting and chatting.
We actually got tatting done this time!!!
 Carolyn tatted these beautiful crown pieces to 
add to headbands for brides.
 Lots of movement and discussion.
 Tables full!!!
Carolyn brought beads and directions to make 
dangles, so we got to make dangles,  My beads
are on that paper in the center of the table.
I will show the dangle when I get done gluing 
the knot.
I absolutely love and appreciate being able 
to join the Tollway Tatters when possible, 
because for me it's like a mini vacation and 
it refreshes me for boring normal life.  ;)
Already awaiting the next opportunity, and
so are the "boys" I have along with me, because 
they made it to Bass Pro and overspent and 
they are planning on Cabela's next time(for 
those who don't know these stores, they are 
for fishing and hunting.

Have a wonderful tatting filled day!!! :)


Cindy said...

Looks like a wonderful day! I so wish I was a bit closer to join in sometime. It’s so great to connect with other tatters - the ideas just flow! Happy you could join in - I don’t think I’d want my husband to be near Bass Pro too long - ha!

God's Kid said...

It was a wonderful day!! It would be great to have you if you were closer!!
Thanks for the comment!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

You’re all so busy! Great to be able to tat and chat.

Ninetta said...

It's fantastic you have got to set that regular meeting, I meet weekly with friends but they are bobbin lacers, I'm always trying to get them into my addiction! But tat and chat is relaxing!

muskaan said...

Such lovely tatting all around! And quite a variety, too :-)
Thanks for sharing the pics ... we get to enjoy vicariously!

God's Kid said...

Thank you all for your comments and kind words!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day, wish I could have been with you

God's Kid said...

We did have a great day! Wish you could have been there too! :)