Saturday, June 2, 2018


The 2 Rainbow Taffy Cathedral Doilies are at 
row 10 now each.  Making progress.
 Below, I had gone to Hobby Lobby as a way to 
spend time driving our newest vehicle which we 
just got.  I found these pendants and beads at 50 % 
off and decided to buy them(there were only 3 of 
 Below is a picture on the printer paper 
sideways to show the size of them.
 And, these pretty beads came home too, 
also 50% off.  Funny thing is that in person 
you see mostly pink, but in the photo you 
see mostly blue.  Wondering what they 
will embellish.....
Oh, if you want to see the vehicle...
it's older(that's the way I prefer them), but it's 
large enough to haul the 8ft. tables for the Sunday 
morning outdoor ministry, and the chairs and every 
thing else needed.  I am so thankful because the car 
didn't have enough room and could not haul the tables 
or chairs.  Feeling truly blessed because this is a 
miracle for us!!!
Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend of tatting, 
I am taking a break(but that is HARD when you 
really want to tat!!!).
Oh well, back to making lasagna for tomorrows 
ministry meal.
Happy Tatting everyone!! :)


muskaan said...

twins and triplets - I like that :-D

God's Kid said...

Thank you muskaan!!! :) I should have thought of that especially since my sister has triplets(22 yr. old this year). ;)

Lavi said...

Pretty twin doilies. They look good side by side. I like the branch drawings on the pendants.

Jane McLellan said...

I hope the vehicle will give you many miles of motoring pleasure! 50% off is a good discount, good for you. You’re making good progress on your mammoth doily project.

God's Kid said...

Thank you both very much!!! :)