Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Personal Challenge for me

Last year we went and visited one of our favorite 
Christmas stores: Bronners-link here: 
I wanted to get an ornament display for my 
glass ornaments with tatting.  Well, the 
one I planned on getting was small and 
displayed only 6 ornaments, but I love the 
design.  Well, our daughter saw this one, 
which is the largest they sell, and she talked 
me into it.  So, my personal challenge is 
to fill this before Christmas this year!
There are 4 hangers per level, and there are 6 
levels, so I need to have 24 ornaments on here 
by this Christmas.   
I had started 4 different tatted pieces and today I 
finished 2 for this ornament.  Now let me say that 
attaching it to the ornament could have been more 
decorative, but I wanted an ornament done today 
since we are almost to March already, so I just 
quickly strung it on(not evenly either). 
The pattern is Picture frame #1 from Christmas 
Angels and Other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn.
Although, I didn't do the second round.
I have also started frame # 2 for another ornament, 
but I am out of time for today so it will wait.
Happy tatting everyone!!!  :)
I hope you all meet your goals or challenges
 this year!!!  :)


Madtatter80 said...

Oh I love this incentive to make your goal by the end of the year, I love the beautiful tree what a fantastic idea, you go girl😄💟😄

Bernice said...

You have started very early so I'm confident you will achieve your goal. Nice Ornament display.

God's Kid said...

Thank you both very much!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Excellent challenge! It's going to look wonderful by the end of the year.

Margarets designer cards said...

What a goal, great Christmas ornament, I look forward to seeing you filling it up

muskaan said...

An exciting challenge and I'll be watching out for your beauties :-)

God's Kid said...

Thank you all very much!!! :)