Thursday, July 21, 2016

Getting there

Changing up my routine and normal way of life to 
a new way with hubby home a lot, is not easy.
I have been doing ok, but it is an adjustment.
I have this round almost done now.  I think there 
are 16 repeats left, but I am tired of the repetition 
and the political convention(hubby is watching it).
Well....I think I am going to play some computer 
games and listen to some music.
Have a wonderful night!!!  :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Isn't it strange that a small change in routine can upset our plans? I find that when Dave is home, I get far less accomplished. I'm not sure why! ;-)

Jane McLellan said...

It does require adjustment, good luck with that! Phew, when you get to those outer rounds they involve a lot of repeats. Looking good, I hope your break brought you back refreshed.

Michelle said...

Keep ting, you can do it, I've found that it,s best for me not to count. I sometimes fold in half or quarters to see how far I have left but thaat's it.

God's Kid said...

Diane, at least I now know that someone else experiences the same!! :)
Jane, yes it does require adjustment!! :) Seems like there were tons of repeats even those it was easy.
Thanks Michelle!!! :) I just set goals of 10 repeats so that I would try to get it done!! :)

Fox said...

Ha!! The unusual US political scene provides hours of entertainment for this Canadian tatter! That's when I get all my stitching done!

God's Kid said...

I am not into politics, I prefer Hallmark movies, or Christmas movies!!! :)