Saturday, June 25, 2016

An edging to show a bit of

This is part of Mary Konior's Anniversary Edging 
from Tatting with Visual Patterns.
I am tatting it in size 20 Christmas Red.  I started
last night when the lighting wasn't good enough
to work with the size 80 on the Spring Doily.
This is about 8 inches long, but needs to grow to
about 3 or 4 feet by my guess.  I plan on 
adding more to the sides of this to widen it so
I can make a large Christmas bow to go on a
My Spring doily has had a little more progress, but
I need to re-wind both shuttles so I took a break.
And, I am really hoping to start the bracelet with 
the new beads.
Hope your day is bright, cheerful, and that you
have time to tat!!!  :)


JB said...

Pretty edging. The bow sounds interesting.

muskaan said...

I love this pattern & had used it as a cushion edging ! You have chosen a lovely colour - really highlights the elegance of Konior's patterns!

God's Kid said...

Thank you both!! :)

Fox said...

It is beautiful!

Jane McLellan said...

Lovely red, shows the edging off very well.

Jen said...


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love that red! A Christmas bow?! I can hardly wait to see how you make it... not that I need any more Christmas decorations. ;-)

God's Kid said...

Thank you all very much!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Love the colour and of course it's a lovely pattern from Mary.

God's Kid said...

Thank you Margaret!! :)