Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011: 25 Motif Challenge- Motif #16

I spent most of Sunday working on adding more length to the tablecloth I am working on for my husband. I was able to get 12 more motifs added. It doesn't look like much, but it did add about 8 or 9 more inches to the length.
Yesterday afternoon I was bored and wanted something to do so I ended up doing this sweet little snowflake called the Cloverleaf Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman in Lizbeth size 40 Snow White. It's a fairly easy snowflake and It's so pretty! :)


Fox said...

Yes, is is pretty!
Fox : )

Suztats said...

I like the swirling center on this snowflake.

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

That's a book I return to often. Vida gives you thread length suggestions for loading your shuttles and I really like that.

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I love the snowflake! :)