Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011: 25 Motif Challenge- Motif #14

Finally Finished! It's crazy that it has taken me quite awhile to get this little 5 inch doily done, but that's what I get for straying from project to project. :)
It's done in Lizbeth size 40 Fruit Fizz thread. It's an antique pattern found here: http://www.antiquepatterns.dreamhosters.com/DMCTat.pdf Ground (figure 24) Medallions

I also got this ornament done for a friend who requested it. It's done in size 10 red and size 10 white thread. The pattern is from Elegant Tatting Patterns by Janet Carroll pg. 28 #3. I stiffened the picots with fabric stiffener so hopefully it will store nicely.

Thank you very much everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. Things are seeming to calm down a bit and as you can see I am getting some tatting accomplished(yeah!!!). May you all be blessed!!! :)


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, how pretty! I wish I didn't have to cook right now. I'd much rather tat!

Umintsuru said...

Hi Sue,

Don't you just love Fruit Fizz. The colours look great and your doily is pretty.

Carla said...

Beautiful doily. I like antique patterns and I love the color.

Suztats said...

I love your fruit fizz doily!

Fox said...

What a fantastic medallion! Great tatting, Sue!
Fox : )

Clotat said...

hi!! thanks for stopping by my blog.. just returning to tatting!! i like your hanging motif for your friend! and the doily! congrats!

Fox said...

I keep coming back and looking at this. It really appeals to me - perhaps the simplicity of the pattern and the threads you used. I don't know how it would look in a plain colour... I have to try it as I cannot stop thinking about it!
Fox : )