Saturday, May 15, 2010

Necklace and surprises

Happy Saturday everyone!!!(can you tell I am in a good mood????) :D
I have the necklace completed and now my daughter has a matched set with the earrings(I was waiting for her to say she wanted a bracelet next, but she has said not this time-good cuz' the joins were frustrating me to pieces!)

Next......I got some surprises today. My mother-in-law is packing to move soon and when we stopped by she had some things for me. Look here....crafting ornaments to tat on and a beautiful heart shaped gold stand. I was stunned! And now I guess she will be expecting some tatted ornaments for her tree :D Oh well, something more to work on.


Typstatting said...

Love the Necklace and Earings your daughter is so lucky!!!! Can't wait to see the finished ornaments. When didi you say you were starting on them!!!! LOL

Paula C. said...

The set you made for your daughter is very pretty! I just purchased a book of ornament patterns for tatting. It's by Ginny Weathers. Here is a link to her blog
Happy Tatting!