Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I tatted these in the last few days. The red and white cross was a pattern suggested by Paula C. It is the Basic Ring-Chain Cross Bookmark(with out the spiral chain and tassle) from Gina Butler. Mine is done in size 10 thread. The big one is again the Big Cross from Tatting Patterns & Designs by Gun Blomqvist & Elwy Persson.
Thank you Paula for the suggestion. The cross was simple enough to make and finish yesterday.
I scanned these, but the first time I couldn't see the white very well, so I placed the lavender paper in there to make them show up better.
Have a great day everyone! :)


Jane Eborall said...

Me again!!!! Another 'trick' with the scanner is to leave the lid open!!! That way you get a black background!!!

Paula C. said...

I am so pleased that you liked the pattern I suggested =) Both your crosses look very nice! I have the same book so I will give that one a try some time over the weekend. I am planning to make lots of bookmarks to have on hand for gifts. Have a wonderful day =)

Vanessa said...

The borders on these really add to the aesthetics.

My favourite is the blue/mauve one, mainly because of its colour.