Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Tatting book I own :D

Here's another splurge.... I have borrowing the books I have been using from the library and am planning on buying them, but for now borrowing is working since there isn't a huge demand and I have them for 3 weeks at a time and if I can renew them up to 6 weeks. But my husband allowed me to spend money since I can't find this one at the library and I have seen so many beautiful things done online from this book I felt I just had to get it.
The tatting project on it is not from the book. It is one I started in size 10 pastel, scrapped and restarted in LadyShuttleMaker's HDT Tulips size 20, and when it's done I will post it with details.
Have a blessed day all! :)


Paula C. said...

This is a wonderful book! I have it too and love it. Happy Tatting! said...

That's a wonderful purchase. Lots of great tips and lots of patterns. There's only one otherintroductory book that I would suggest called A Complete Book Of Tatting by Rebecca Jones