Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Housing update:

Ok everyone, it's insanity time!!!
Looks like we might be moving on Sunday.
We are waiting for the certificate of occupancy.
As you can see in the pictures they have work left 
to finish, but we are being told we might be moving 
this weekend, but....I have a craft show Saturday.
First picture, the livingroom.
 Second picture the kitchen(slight view of the  
familyroom off to the right).
Next picture is the design piece I am working on for 
the Online Tatting Design Class-will be a large 
tatted suncatcher-beads will be added when I tat 
it all over, I am just designing first(in size 3 thread).
 Next, I got our daughter started in crafting about 2 
months ago and she has really gone crazy and created 
a pumpkin patch to sell, and other items I have 
previously shown.  Well, I took my hand at it and 
made this candy cane "wreath" last night.  I love 
 Below is a close-up to show the adorable 
snowmen(my favorite), and I have an 
order for one already(beside I want one!).
 Our daughter created this lighted wall pumpkin.
It's not lit in this picture, but it looks great both 
lit and unlit. It's more of a contemporary style-
not my thing, but it does look great!
 Just letting you know that I am not sure when I will 
be back online.  The internet is supposed to be installed 
on Monday, but....so far nothing has happened 
when it was supposed to, so I am prepared to 
be offline for up to 2 weeks, so you maybe 
not hear from me(plus moving takes tons of 
time), or you may get a surprise!
Happy tatting!!!  :)
Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement!!!


Cassandra R. said...

I'm so happy for you all!!! This is such wonderful news. I pray you will be in by the weekend or before for a surprise. Happy Tatting and many blessings
Sandy R.

God's Kid said...

Thank you so much Sandy!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

So glad you’re making progress at last! I hope the move goes smoothly. And the craft fair too. Love the ‘candy cane’ and your suncatcher design.

Ninetta said...

That's great! Congratulations for the new home!

muskaan said...

Wonderful news! Best wishes always :-)))
Lovely projects ! Eager to see how different the suncatcher pattern will look in colour and with beads - your signature style :-))

picotsnkeys said...

Wonderful news you'll be moving in. Guard your health in unpacking. We'll be awaiting updates as things fall into place.

Madtatter80 said...

Love your new home and it's must be so hard to wait for it but you've done well with tatting sidetrack I really like the thick thread look it's fun do you put the thread on a larger shuttle?

God's Kid said...

Thank you all so very, very much!!! Your encouragement and well wishes help to carry me through!! :)
Madtatter80, I use a Tatsy shuttle for the size 3(so glad I am too!!!). I like the difference in the larger thread compared to my normal smaller threads, but I thought it would be huge and it's only about 6 inches across so far. ;) It has been pondered and suggested that maybe since the center is so dense it has kept the design smaller.

Lelia said...

I hope your craft show went well. I have a couple girlfriends that vendor craft fairs - i think it depends on the people who attend, and I hope you had a lot come thru your booth.

God's Kid said...

Hi Lelia! Thank you!! The craft show was ok. Not much on sales, but visits from family and friends and lots of discussions!! ;)