Monday, September 24, 2018

September Tollway Tatters gathering

What an awesome day with the Tollway Tatters again!!!
We got to meet other tatters(I want to say new, but I am 
sure they have tatted for awhile).  We met Gail, and Kathy, 
and Glenda, and got to see Elaine after not seeing her for 
Below is (left to right) Gail, Denise, Kathy, Elaine,
Diane, and Glenda(I was taking the picture).
 Diane brought her very beautiful Pop Top Drops.
 Believe it or not, we again succeeded to get plenty 
of tatting in amongst all the chatting.
 And then, Carrie came and joined us and brought 
her daughter Elizabeth who does Quilling(a special 
curled paper art-beautiful!).
 I am working on a "rainbow" suncatcher for the Craft 
Show next month.  I got the blue rounds done while 
at Tollway Tatters.  Everyone loved these colors together.
 And, of course, we love to share things with each other.
Denise had these cute storage boxes with fun items to 
use with or in tatting.  Diane tempted(me) us with 
wonderful Pop-Tops to add tatting too(the choices were 
so hard to make!!). And, I have my official Tollway 
Tatters Shuttle.  Diane explained that the Violets and 
Cardinal represent the Illinois state flower and bird, 
and the back it tie-dye to go along with the shirts we 
usually wear to recognize each other.  ;)
 Close-up of the front of the shuttle.
 Close-up of the back.
What a blast!!!!  Love meeting with all these 
wonderful ladies!!!!  Can't wait for the next time 
I can join them!!! :)
Have a wonderful day-hopefully filled with tatting!!!